How Anal Toys Can Supercharge Your Orgasm

by Jess

on Sep 11, 2018

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If playing with one part of your body feels great, then it makes perfect sense that playing with two or more areas is going to feel a-ma-zing: particularly when one of those areas is packed with sensitive nerve endings, like your anus.

No matter your front bits, everyone has a back butt, and playing with it is a sure-fire way to supercharge your orgasms in a snap.

Got a penis? Chances are you have a prostate too.

Often dubbed the "Male G-Spot" for its pleasure-inducing properties, the prostate is most easily stimulated via the anus and, when combined with penis play, well... Let's just say we recommend you stay seated for the entire journey.

Feel Full-filled


What is it? A butt plug.

Why is it so good?: With it's smooth, tapered shape, the Lovehoney Medium Silicone Butt Plug inserts easily and stays in place thanks to its slim neck and flared base.

Unlike other anal toys, once inserted a butt plug is designed to stay where it is (no thrusting or rocking), which makes it a great first toy for anal newbies looking to keep play simple.

Sensation?: Most people describe butt plugs as providing a 'full' or slightly 'stretched' sensation. A butt plug presses against sensitive nerves both inside and outside the anus which, when combined with other stimulation, such as penis strokers, can lead to seriously strong orgasms.

What Lovehoney customers say:
"I gave this a whirl as soon as it arrived and boy I was not disappointed. The material feels amazing and it needs minimal lube to slide in and work its magic. It stayed put throughout my play session and felt just as amazing removing it."

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Squeeze to Please


What is it?: A prostate massager.

Why is it so good?: All anal toys should have a flared base, and the Lovehoney PRO-Stim Prostate Massager has a T-bar base that also turns you on with additional perineum stimulation thanks to its curved nub.

Plus, thanks to its teardrop body, it inserts easily, and can be easily controlled using nothing but your bumcheeks: simply squeeze and relax your muscles to feel the toy rock in and out, stroking over your P-spot.

Sensation?: Using prostate massagers can take some practice. Most people describe the sensation as being intensely pleasurable, but can sometimes make you feel like you need to pee.

What Lovehoney customers say:
"This was such a great purchase. Not only is it tasteful and sophisticated in its design but both my partner and I gained blissful pleasure! The emphasis was on my boyfriend who had very intense orgasms from this product. I strongly recommend it."

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Get a Buzz


What is it?: A vibrating prostate massager.

Why is it so good?: Taking shaft shape from the Lovehoney PRO-Stim (above) and adding a T-bar base and removable bullet vibrator, the Lovehoney Booty Buddy Vibrating Butt Plug boasts 7 vibrating modes to buzz you to climax.

While the removable bullet vibrator enables buzzy bliss that's enough to take you over the edge on its own, the curved base magnifies your experience with external vibrations.

Sensation?: Many people can orgasm using a vibrating prostate massager on its own, and describe the sensation as intensely satisfying.

What Lovehoney customers say:
"The vibrations ran through my whole lower body and I was instantly hard. After I little more foreplay my wife then got on top and I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had. If this is something you have never considered before it is worth having a look at as it changes everything."

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Gl-Ass Play


What is it?: A glass anal dildo.

Why is it so good?: Nothing is smoother than glass, and this borosilicate glass dildo is perfect for anal exploration thanks to its flared mid-section. With its slender tip and curved shape it's easy to insert and great for prostate play.

Plus, the Lovehoney Realistic Sensual Glass Anal Dildo offers a variety of sensations with its double-ended design and temperature-responsive properties.

Sensation?: Glass is rigid, which means it creates firm massage and intense orgasms. This particular dildo also benefits from a realistic head that creates an incredible 'pop' when inserted and withdrawn.

What Lovehoney customers say:
"I have tried out quite a few different anal toys recently and I can say that this is by far and away my favourite! It is great for stimulating the prostate with either a gentle rocking motion or with more aggressive thrusting. Also the hard head provides a wonderful sensation when it is withdrawn."

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Full Bead Ahead


What is it?: Anal beads.

Why is it so good?: The Lovehoney Silicone Anal Beads are super-slim and flexible, making them perfect for anal newbies.

Unlike other anal toys, anal beads don't provide much sensation during wear (unless they're bigguns!), but they hold the power to intensify your orgasms tenfold when slowly removed at the point of climax.

Sensation?: Most people say the sensation of beginner's anal beads during wear is non-obtrusive, however inserting and removing them is extremely pleasurable. The gentle sensation of popping one bead in at a time builds arousal, and slowly removing them at the point of orgasm magnifies sensations for mind-blowing satisfaction.

What Lovehoney customers say:
"This was the first time I have ever used anal beads. Wow was I wrong to wait this long to use some! It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life! It was intense but wow it was great! "

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The Whole Kit and Ca-boot-le


What is it?: An anal sex toy starter kit.

Why is it so good?: For those who aren't sure where to start or who simply want it all, the Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle is loaded with three anal toys that can be enjoyed with or without vibrations, a static butt plug and an anal douche for warming up.

All you need to do is pick up a bottle of anal lube, and you're away!

Sensation?: This kit contains a static butt plug, an anal douche and three hollow toys (anal beads, a butt plug and a beaded prostate massager) which are compatible with the included bullet vibrator.

What Lovehoney customers say:
"The bumper set of anal toys is excellent for anyone who wants to try experimenting with anal and comes with everything you will ever need.
Each toy is high quality and beautifully made to give you the best experience. We score this 10/10 and would highly recommend."

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Sep 11, 2018. Updated on Aug 5, 2020