Lovehoney X Nebula: Astrological Sex Tips to Spice Up your Sex Life

by Guest

on Mar 23, 2023

Sex is the greatest pleasure we all seek to experience, as it makes us feel alive, healthy, and balanced. Moreover, it is the ultimate act of intimacy and love between partners. We partnered with Nebula, an omnichannel astrology platform created to support and guide people on their way to happy relationships, to find out how astrology can help spice up your sex life and increase mutual pleasure.

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How Is Astrology Related To Sex?

On the one hand, astrology is all about the energies of the planets and celestial objects, such as the Sun and Moon, and their influence on our lives. And sex is an energy exchange between two people.

Then again, the natal chart in astrology is a compass to yourself. Your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs tap into the core of your personality, helping you better understand your identity. In the same way, they make it easier for your partner to learn who they are. As a result, you will be able to discover more about how you are wired, what you want, and what you don't want.

Based solely on the Sun sign, you can already find out so much about the sexual preferences of you and your partner. But if you want to take it to the next level, you should look for the position of Mars (planet of sexual energy), the Moon sign (feelings and emotions), Venus (planet of love), the Rising sign (how people perceive you), and Saturn (your boundaries).

You can check your natal chart for free in the Nebula app and read detailed explanations for each planet in your cosmic blueprint or use any other online service.

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Now, let us take it easy and reveal the sexual desires and fantasies of yours and your partner based on your Sun sign. Please note that these tips do not guide you in determining your partner's choice. On the contrary, we advise you to use these insights as a framework to have incredible sexual experiences together.


Aries are strong, independent, and impulsive. In addition, they have incredibly high energy due to their ruling planet Mars. So the Ram is a passionate lover ready to give you pleasure and be the best lover you have ever had. After all, they are number 1 on the Zodiac Wheel.

They may like: Rough sex, choking your neck, and athletic poses like holding you up in the air or against the wall.

What they may dislike: Slow sex, routine, and close-minded partners.

Best sex matches: Aquarius and Gemini.

Top 3 Toys for Aries


Taurus wants to enjoy life, and they are the hedonist of the Zodiac. Ruled by the planet of love and beauty, they are incredibly seductive and sensual. They will make love to you in bed, slowly seducing you with their magical touch and extended foreplay.

They may like: sexy lingerie, silky sheets on the bed, and some whipped cream to lick off their body.

What they may dislike: Unusual sex positions that require too much energy to perform them.

Best sex matches: Pisces and Capricorn.

Top 3 Toys for Taurus


Ruled by the planet of communication Mercury, Gemini is social and playful. They like to have fun and explore life with curiosity. They are open-minded and willing to experiment and try new things in bed. Their foreplay is mental stimulation and intelligent conversations.

They may like: role play, dirty talking, and trying all the positions in the Kama Sutra.

What they may dislike: Predictable partners and routine in the sex.

Best sex matches: Libra and Aquarius.

Top 3 Toys for Gemini


Cancer is sensitive, emotional, and nurturing. They often put other people's needs before theirs and are very protective of their loved ones. In bed, they will make love to you and your soul and mind. The foreplay will be lengthy because they like the deep connection.

They may like: Long foreplay and a giving partner that will make them feel safe and relaxed.

What they may dislike: Dirty talking, as they can be easily offended and take it the wrong way.

Best sex matches: Virgo and Pisces.

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Leo wants to be the center of attention and be praised and complimented. They are natural-born leaders, taking the initiative and control. In bed, they will be in power and can easily convince you to try out new things. In addition, they aim to be the best lovers, so satisfying you all night is their goal.

They may like: Mind-blowing sex and sexual positions with them being on top and experimenting.

What they may dislike: Passive partners that can't keep up with their tempo.

Best sex matches: Sagittarius and Aries.

Top 3 Toys for Leo


Virgo is a perfectionist and aims to please and be the best! In addition, they tend to be very picky and only choose the best for themselves, including their partner. In bed, they are very giving partners and will be okay with staying focused on satisfying their partner's needs.

They may like: Oral sex and making love in clean, fresh sheets that smell like spring.

What they may dislike: Selfish and self-centered partners.

Best sex matches: Taurus and Cancer

Top 3 Toys for Virgo


Libra is the most elegant sign in the Zodiac. These people want to live life in harmony and are well-composed with excellent manners. However, in bed, the Libra gets wild and goes to extremes, which might come as a surprise to their partner.

They may like: Kinky sex and spanking.

What they may dislike: Quicky sex and short foreplays.

Best sex matches: Gemini and Leo.

Top 3 Toys for Libra


Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac. They are driven toward danger and excitement. In bed, their sexual appetite is very intense, making them one of the most passionate lovers ever.

They may like: Non-traditional sex poses and risky places to have sex, such as a dark alley or in the closet during a party.

What they may dislike: Controlling partners and being submissive in sex.

Best sex matches: Cancer and Gemini.

Top 3 Toys for Scorpio


Free-spirited and open-minded Sagittarius lives life fast, from one adventure to another. They follow their heart, being the most spontaneous sign of the Zodiac. In bed, these people will easily make you feel comfortable and help you make your fantasies a reality, no matter how wild or strange.

They may like: Weird sex positions and exciting places to make love, like the airplane bathroom.

What they may dislike: A close-minded partner who is not open to experimentation.

Best sex matches: Aquarius and Libra.

Top 3 Toys for Sagittarius


Hardworking, highly ambitious, and trustworthy, these people are the ones you can always rely on. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, Capricorn, they tend to take things slow and cautious. But once they gain trust in their partner, they will push all boundaries and limitations in sex.

They may like: Sensual distractions such as sexy lingerie and romantic dinners.

What they may dislike: Excessive spontaneity and sex during their work hours.

Best sex matches: Taurus and Virgo

Toy 3 Toys for Capricorn


Intelligent, witty, and original, Aquarius is always one step ahead of everyone else in the Zodiac. These people like to try new things and widen their horizons. Similar to that is how they are in bed. In fact, Aquarius might be the kinkiest sign of all.

They may like: Sex toys and new ways to achieve sexual pleasure.

What they may dislike: Conventional sex positions, such as missionary.

Best sex matches: Gemini and Sagittarius

Top 3 Toys for Aquarius


Pisces are incredibly understanding, patient, and emotionally driven. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, they tend to get caught up in their fantasies. However, the Fish can be very kinky, perverse, and wild in bed.

They may like: Sex in water and in front of the mirror.

What they may dislike: A cold and unemotional partner, lack of romance.

Best sex matches: Scorpio and Virgo.

Top 3 Toys for Pisces

Whatever the Sun, Moon or Rising sign, you deserve to be happy in love and have the best sexual experience. Listen to what your body tells you and openly communicate with your partner to make sure you both know what turns you on and what you like. Your needs and desires matter!

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Written by Guest.

Originally published on Mar 23, 2023. Updated on Mar 23, 2023