The Power of Water: Bathmate Penis Pumps Really Work!

by Krista

on Mar 26, 2013

Hydromax X40

You really can grow your penis! No this is not a spam email trying to sell you a magic pill.

Bathmate pumps are the real deal, when you're ready to seriously work towards increasing size and pleasure, this is the only pump you need. Bathmate customers have shown that with continued and correct use over time Bathmate penis pumps get results.

Made with quality body-friendly material: Plastic, Polycarbonate, skin-safe rubber and stainless steel, each pump includes a measuring gauge to track your progress. The texture is smooth and the Bathmate pumps contain no latex or phthalates. They are waterproof and submersible and made to be used in the bath or shower for best results.

And the newest member of the Bathmate family has arrived at!

Keep reading to find out more about the exciting new Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump model and see the demo video below.

The new Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump is larger than the Hydromax X30, more powerful and offers faster results.

NEW: Bathmate Hydromax X40 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

The Bathmate Hydromax X40 Penis Pump is an incredible device that uses water and strong suction to enhance your erection. 35% more powerful than the Hydromax X30, delivering impressive results within minutes. Bigger than previous Bathmate Hydromax products, the X40 version offers more room for a better penis pumping experience.

The innovative design is best used in the bath or shower. The pump uses the pressure of water to create a strong, sucking vacuum that increases your erection staying-power and the length of your penis. Enhance your member for the long-term with regular use, and enjoy more stamina during sex and solo sessions too. There's also an easy to use size guide on the side of the plastic pump to monitor your progress and growth. Step-by-step pictures and a manual come included, so you can get the most from your awesome Bathmate pump.

New Bathmate Hydromax X40 with Pleasure Lube

Benefits and Features:

  • Bigger than the Bathmate X30, offering stronger pump action
  • Quick release valve for safety
  • Swivel gator with dual positions
  • Super-soft insert pads that create a solid seal around your penis
  • Internal length: 11 inches

Let's see what real Bathmate customer reviews have to say:

"To summarise, instant results that only improve with time, more staying power, more intense orgasms, but be sure to pull your foreskin forward before you build the pressure. Well worth the dosh!"

"When using the pump I really feel that my penis is really growing. It was a very nice and exciting thing. After a relatively long use I noticed that my penis is bigger. So this really works. I would recommend this pump to any guy who wants to enlarge his penis at least a little."

"More importantly it works - sex after being in the Bathmate for only 20 minutes is awesome."

How The Bathmate Works

Watch the video below to find out exactly how Bathmate harnesses the power of water to give you extra length and girth.

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Right now, find the perfect Bathmate and get a free gift with your purchase. You could be the next happy Bathmate customer, reaping the lifelong benefits and results of this innovative product. This is also a great time to upgrade and take advantage of this offer for a free gift with your purchase. Have you tried pumping before? We love when you share your reviews or comment below with your questions. Feel free to tweet to me @lovehoney_com.


Written by Krista.

Originally published on Mar 26, 2013. Updated on Aug 5, 2020