Enjoy a Free Vibe and Extract: April's Book of the Month is Because You Are Mine

Enjoy a Free Vibe and Extract: April's Book of the Month is Because You Are Mine

by Krista

on Apr 3, 2014

Book of the MonthApril has arrived with an erotic treat for you, and as always, Lovehoney's Book of the Month comes with a free gift! Enjoy a Cupid's Mini Bullet along with Beth Kery's bestselling erotic novel: Because You Are Mine.

Authors are frequently asked what inspires their characters, so we asked Beth Kery and she enlightened us on the inspiration for her main characters:

Ian Noble

"I envisioned him almost like a Harlequin Presents type billionaire tycoon made about a thousand times sexier… There has to be some sort of crack in this type of controlled, powerful character, some wound that the heroine helps heal."

Francesca Arno

"It's often the young and innocent who see most truly, and that's certainly the case with Francesca. As an artist, she has the ability to see the world with unique clarity, and that includes Ian Noble."

Now that we know a little bit about what inspired our protagonists let's take a look at a steamy scene from Because You Are Mine. This extract continues from a short teaser we posted on Tumblr, start there and then read on:

Liquid heat rushed between her thighs, the total response to his kiss unprecedented in her experience. He brought her closer, pressing her against his body. He was so hot. So hard. Lord have mercy. How could she have thought he was indifferent? His arousal raged against her. It was like being suddenly shoved into a male inferno of lust and left to helplessly burn.

She moaned into his mouth. His lips shaped and caressed hers skillfully, leaving her open for his tongue’s possession. She slid her tongue against his, engaging in the kiss just as she had the swordplay. He groaned and stepped closer yet, making her eyes roll behind her shut lids when she felt the full extent of his erection. He was huge and hard. Her sex clenched tight. Her thoughts splintered in a million directions. He urged her backward, and she submitted, hardly knowing what she was doing. He never stopped kissing her as she staggered several feet.

The air whooshed out of her lungs and into his marauding mouth when he backed her against the wall. He pressed, sandwiching her body between two rock-hard surfaces. She rubbed against him instinctively, feeling his defined muscles, stroking his enormous erection.

He hissed and tore his mouth from hers. Before she ever guessed his intention, he shoved down her tank top on the side where the strap was sliced. His long fingers skimmed over the upper curve of her breast as he peeled back the cup of her bra, reaching inside. Her nipple popped out of the fabric, the cup now beneath her breast, plumping the flesh above it, lifting it . . . displaying it. His gaze was hot and greedy as he stared at her bared flesh. She felt his cock lurch against her lower belly and moaned. His nostrils flared and his head dipped.

She made a choking sound when his wet, hot mouth slipped over her nipple. He sucked hard, making her nipple stiffen and ache, causing a tug between her thighs and another rush of warmth. She cried out. Ah, God, what was happening to her? Her vagina squeezed unbearably tight, aching, needing to be filled. Perhaps he heard her cry, because he ceased pulling on her nipple and soothed with a warm, laving tongue. Then he sucked again.

His obvious hunger thrilled her. He was hurting her a little, pleasuring her a lot. What excited her most was his scorching hunger. She longed to feed it . . . make it grow. She arched against him and whimpered helplessly. Never had a man dared to kiss her so roughly or touch her body with such a potent combination of hot greed and consummate skill.

So how was she to know how much she would love it? He plumped her breast in his hand and molded it to his palm as he continued to suckle her. A harsh moan tore from her throat. He lifted his head, and she gasped at the abrupt cessation of his warmth . . . of her pleasure. He studied her face, his expression rigid, his eyes ablaze. She sensed the rising tension in him, the war. Was he going to pull away? she wondered suddenly. Did he want her or didn’t he? He suddenly moved his free hand, cupping her entire sex through her jeans. He pressed. Francesca whimpered helplessly.

“No,” he rasped, as if arguing with himself. His dark head dipped again to her breast. “I’ll take what’s mine.”

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Apr 3, 2014. Updated on Aug 5, 2020