Best Places to Have Sex at Home

by Lovehoney

on May 10, 2020

Let's face it, we're all going a bit stir-crazy during this unprecedented and drawn-out period of staying at home. Home improvements have been attempted, baking triumphs (and heroic fails) have been executed; and we've all sat glassy-eyed through endless boxsets.

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But when you and your partner (if you're lucky enough to be living with them right now) have done it every which way in the bedroom to pass the time, the question may now be: 'Which other places can we have sex in the house?'

It's time to get some 'rock' back in your 'roll'. We're here to get your mojo rising and those juices flowing, so you can get creative and make the most of getting down and dirty with some great sex at home... that 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle can wait a while.

Shower sex


Get wet and wild with a splash of invigorating shower sex. Indulge in some soapy, steamy sessions against the wall, and get it on aquatic adventure style.

We recommend Mission Impossible as a great postion to try here. For a different twist, why not stick the Lifelike Lover Ultra Reralistic Suction Cup Dildo to the tiles and recreate the position for yourself!

Mirror sex


Missing the feelings of joy that a wonderful vista can bring? Lockdown sex with cleverly placed or angled mirrors in the bedroom, gives you and your partner the opportunity to get a bit kinky, reflect in all the right places, and give you a room with the perfect view.

For prime viewing pleasure, Back In The Saddle is a great postion to try here. Use the Womanizer Starlet Clitoral Stimulator to work your lady into and orgasmic frenzy that you can both watch.

Couch sex


No more sinking bleary-eyed in to the living room couch for another round of 'What Haven't We Watched?' This furniture is now centre-stage for mixing things up with some quality quarantine sex.

Take things to another level with The Love Seat postion, ideal for a bit of lounge lovin'. Go ahead and raise your game with the mutually sensational Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Rabbit Cock Ring.

Kitchen sex


If you want to get hot and bothered, get down and dirty in the kitchen where you can cook up a whole lotta loving. Get inventive and Involve food in your play and set the scene for some hungry kitchen table sex.

Get creative and stir things up with the perfect position for a table-top tryst - The Knot. Add more spice to the pot with the Fetish Fantasy Sex Position Master with Restrain Cuffs, and make your kitchen the hottest venue in town.

Laundry room sex


Are you a dirty girl, or maybe a filthy fellow? Get the suds jumping and the machines in a spin when you go for a tumble on the dryer.

The Throne is a great postion to try here. And, to create even more of a buzz, the Rocks Off Rainbow 7 Function Bullet Vibrator can stimulate both his and her hotspots to keep you both right on the edge of your rumbling seat.

Sex on the floor


Are you just going to lay there and take it? Of course you are! When the passion takes you, the floor is always there to hold you up and push back hard for some seriously vigorous sessions (and it's probably quieter than your bed, too). Sometimes the only way to go is down...

We suggest Crossed Lovers as a great postion to try here. To heighten sensory play, and angle and support you in all the right places, try the Dominix Deluxe Large inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set.

Sex against the wall


This versatile structure turns your whole house into a veritable den of iniquity. Work your way through each room and ramp up your pleasure time with lots of hot, hard, against-the-wall sex.

Give the The Pillar position a go here, and add some Lovehoney Bliss Orgasm Balm to really get those hotspots throbbing fast and urgently.


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Originally published on May 10, 2020. Updated on Nov 16, 2020