Which is the Best Cock Ring?

by Lovehoney

on May 1, 2017

Cock rings are one of the simplest sex aids around. Cock rings work by preventing blood from flowing back down the penis, which in turn helps to make erections feel harder and last longer than normal, making your enjoyment last longer and orgasm more likely. Gentle and safe, cock rings are a great alternative to libido enhancing pills and delay sprays.

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Cock rings are also available with clitoral stimulators attached in the shape of little spikes or nobbles, but more excitingly you can buy vibrating cock rings. Providing special sensations to both partners, these mini male sex toys should be an essential in every bedside drawer.

Vibrating Cock Rings

If you fancy something a bit special, you should try a vibrating cock ring. These have the same erection enhancing qualities of a regular cock ring but with a stretchy ring that will fit any size and a vibrating bullet to tantalise her clitoris too!

Made of stretchy materials, vibrating cock rings don’t have a vice-like grip. With a vibrating bullet at the top and materials that can easily transfer the vibrations beneath, you’ll both get pleasure out of one of these buzzing toys.

Double Cock Rings

There’s no reason that your testicles should be left out of the action when it comes to cock rings. With a ring for the penis and one for your balls, these stretchy double cock rings will give you intense sensations and stay in place even better. Some even have an extra vibrating motor beneath for double stimulation.

If you’re looking for extra stamina from a cock ring, avoid ones with a penis and testicle vibrator - the double vibrations will quickly push you over the edge!

Adjustable Cock Rings

If you and your lover are new to cock rings but still want a firm grip, an adjustable cock ring will let you play around with the tightness of it to find out how much constriction suits you. Where some like a tight fit, others prefer it loose - the only way you'll find out what's best for you is by trying.

Adjustable cock rings are great for beginners and those with bigger girths. The soft loop can be loosened or contracted using a tight bead, threaded onto the strings. These cock rings will make him feel bigger and harder, whilst helping to build up his stamina too.

Rigid Cock Rings

If you're already accustomed to cock rings and know the diameter of your erect penis (or have worked it out using our How to Measure Yourself For a Cock Ring guide), a rigid metal or nitrile cock ring might be the thing for you.

These super strong sex toys will firmly grasp the base of the penis with an almost chastity-like grip that will keep you going all night long. Many rigid cock rings will also fit the testicles, allowing them to be worn securely throughout the day.


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