Babe Bendover

Position of the Week: Babe Bendover

The Babe Bendover is a strap-on sex position perfect for those looking to add a touch of power play into their usual antics. Not only can you achieve incredibly deep penetration, but the giver gets one heck of a VIP view all-session-long.

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How do I Clean My Sex Toys?

After a great session with our favourite bedroom appliance, the last thing we want to think about is cleaning. Luckily, cleaning your toy is actually really easy. It literally can take 30 seconds - and here's how!

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POTW-Mission Impossible

Position of the Week: Mission Impossible

If you and your partner are of significantly differing sizes, positions like Missionary can be somewhat of a logistical challenge. That’s why the Mission Impossible is a great option for mixed height couples.

Not only does this position allow better alignment for sessions you'll both love, but you’ll look ultra-hot while doing it.

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