What's Your Desire? Introducing Lovehoney's New Premium Collection

by Krista

on Nov 19, 2015

Desire Sex ToysTake time to feel the difference with our new Desire range. What do you really want out of your pleasure products? We found your desire and developed our new range with the features you really want; USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, featuring 8 patterns and 12 adjustable speeds. The Desire vibes are optimized to provide the ideal combination of power, run time, and discreet quiet motors, each with a sturdy storage case.

Drawing on our 12+ years of experience in the industry and over [[stats:reviews]] thoughtful customer reviews, Desire represents the meeting of Lovehoney minds and our customers' insight, creating the ultimate premium pleasure collection. The range of six toys combines key features from our site's top-rated styles.

Watch the video below featuring Lovehoney Product Director Bonny Hall and Product Developer Paul Jacques as they discuss the conception and creation of the highly anticipated Lovehoney Desire range, and get a first look at the products.

[[video:4545:width=700:centre:title=The Desire Story]]

According to Bonny, the idea for this premium collection was a natural progression for Lovehoney. "We've got our BASICS range, which is fantastic for beginners," she says, "We've got our core range, which is across multiple categories and offers fantastic value for money, and the gap that we had is our luxury range, giving customers that added extra, that luxury feel."

Perfection Through Knowledge, Feedback, and Testing.

Research for the collection began with our customers, as we examined reviews and feedback to find out what people were really looking for, focusing on top-rated shapes and building on these to create the complete Desire range.

Paul affirms: "The premise of this collection is, 'What do people really want?'"

Once we narrowed down the shapes, each item in the collection starts as a 2D sketch, and is soon made into a 3D model. "The product starts from the outside, and then we work our way in," says Paul. First, working with 3D printed models for size and shape specifics before putting the motor, circuit boards and battery into the prototype silicone body and testing it. Once the prototype is up and running, the toy is sent to a reviewer for a real-time field test, covering things like power, cleanability, use, noise, and run-time.

Based on feedback, the product is perfected. For example the Desire G-Spot Vibrator was resized and re-engineered to house a second motor, boosting its strength by up to 75% and enabling extraordinary power along the full shaft of the toy.

Paul comments: "The data we got back from all this prototyping enabled us to meet the customer requirement - and then go that one step further." According to Paul, the meticulous care and effort put into the Desire motors is one of the collection's strengths. "Run-time has been maximized, the power in the motor has been optimized with that run-time, along with the noise."

Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

All six toys from the range feature a smooth silicone casing that is latex-free, phthalate-free, nonporous and easy to clean, for a long-lasting toy that's user-friendly.

Discretion: Dependable Storage

Each Desire toy comes with its own case, which can be used for storage between uses, including access for charging in privacy.

According to Bonny, the storage cases answer a direct need identified during the research process: "Customers are after the discreet, they're after the thing that becomes a gift, for themselves, or for their partner."

Explore the Desire range and find the perfect luxury vibrator gift for yourself or someone you love.

Desire range

Discover Desire and Feel the Difference:

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Nov 19, 2015. Updated on Aug 5, 2020