Inspired By Fifty Shades? Take It To The Next Level

Inspired By Fifty Shades? Take It To The Next Level

by Krista

on Aug 23, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, including Fifty Shades Freed, Fifty Shades Darker has been heating up bedroom and bathroom scenes since before Mother’s day. I’ve spoken with very few people who haven’t heard of this NYtimes bestseller and a much larger number (mostly women) who have. From my friends in the scene who tend to have their reservations and doubts, to the more vanilla in the bunch who have stories of receiving it from coworkers or friends of friends - many have had the steamy erotica cross their path.

Queerie Bradshaw suggests that the advent of the e-readers and the ability to read anything without the conspicuous cover showing has helped facilitate Fifty Shades’s pervasiveness. I think that helps but it’s not the whole story, as I’ve seen many photos of the physical paperback selling out in stores and posted on instagram as beach or airplane reading. For example, the woman sitting next to me on my recent flight home from NYC had no qualms about reading Fifty Shades Freed during the flight. I wish I had taken the opportunity to chat her up about the story’s appeal, but I’m not always so bold.

The Fifty Shades phenomenon is not only about Ana’s first introduction to a D/s (dominance and submission) relationship or exposing mainstream culture to the BDSM underground, for many it is moreso about the romance of new experiences. The kind of romance that gets us excited and on the edge of our seats. Originally fan fiction that spread like wildfire with the help of the internet and horny moms everywhere, Shades is written in a voice that is sometimes naive yet curious, we can relate to the feeling in the moments heating up to new and unexpected experiences.

Romantic is not only flowers and cards. It is intense sexual interest and taking time to build the fire. It is edgy, it is creative sexy talk and action and it is emotional risk-taking.” - Linda E Savage, Huffington Post.

Christian is not only very creative in his options for sex play, he is thoughtful. Take note guys, a little thoughtfulness can go a long way. Working up and building anticipation are wonderful ways to intensify moments leading up to climax.

Set the scene with sexy lingerie

BlueBella Victoria Satin BraFeeling sexy ultimately comes from the inside and it’s a mix of both confidence and vulnerability. Showing a bit more skin or accentuating your gentle curves with soft, sheer and lacy fabrics will get you both in the right mood. If you slip into some sexy lingerie and grab a couple other supplies from the Fifty Shades-inspired toy selections below, you will be on your way to an intense, romantic night (weekend, honeymoon, lifetime of exploration) to remember.

What you wear sets the mood for both of you. Soft and silky fabrics, a matching bra sets and some stockings is all it takes. Slip into something more comfortable and immediately start feeling sexy and ready to play.

Bondage and blindfolds

Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Restraints Position Ties (4 Pack)Controlling your lover's senses or relinquishing control of your own is very sexy and exciting. Every time one sense is limited, others heighten. Slip on a blindfold (the Tease Me Blindfold has a bendable wire over the nose bridge, for total blackout) and some soft restraints like the Tease Me Satin Restraints for a more sensual experience, or use reusable bondage tape to secure your sweetie in place. While blindfolded you can only guess what your partner is conjuring up next.

Tease Me Bondage Tape is great for all levels of play. It only sticks to itself so it won’t stick to skin or sensitive areas like the face, great for blindfolds and gags too.

A little bit of pain, hurts so good!

Bondage Boutique Faux Tiger Fur Spanking PaddleCrops have the benefit of a long ridgid handle and a small surface area for striking. They can sting and be severe. They bring pain with just a little effort, I recommend starting slow on fleshy areas like the buttocks, breast or inner thighs and build up the intensity with one of these options: the Bondage Boutique Wide Riding Crop Whip or the Lovehoney Black Heart Riding Crop.

A paddle is also great fun and can be used lightly at first and built up to cheek reddening intensity. I love the Bondage Boutique Faux Tiger Fur Paddle (pictured) to soothe on one side after the snap of the firm leather on the other.

Nipple clamps that bite and shine

Spartacus Endurance Butterfly Nipple Clips & Chain

Clamps will take your play to another level. They can be tight with a chain for tugging and attaching, like these Clover (aka Butterfly) Nipple Clamps, or snug and pretty like these lovely soft and decorative Incoqnito Leather Tassel Nipple Clamps.

No matter if they are stern or just dead sexy, these nipple attachments and jewelry always bring attention to just the right places.

Looking for what to read next?

Now that your mind is racing with new ideas and inspiration here are a few more books with some very sexy stories to tell. Check out these erotic books from some of our favorite writers:

  1. Sweet Danger Erotic Stories edited by Violet BlueSweet Danger: Erotic Stories edited by Violet Blue
  2. The New Black Lace Book of Women's Sexual Fantasies by Mitzi SzeretoThe New Black Lace Book of Women's Sexual Fantasies by Mitzi Szereto
  3. Pleasure Bound: True Bondage Stories edited by Alison TylerPleasure Bound: True Bondage Stories edited by Alison Tyler

That’s a pretty great start on a very kinky journey that I hope you'll enjoy.

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Aug 23, 2012. Updated on Aug 5, 2020