10 Great Reasons to Get It On With Yourself

10 Great Reasons to Get It On With Yourself

by Guest

on Sep 5, 2013

Get it on with yourselfJust in case you need another reason to get it on with yourself, Stephanie from Kinkly.com has 10 great reasons for you!

Check out this fun guest post - feel free to leave a comment and let us know your favorite reason, or tell us if you can relate to any of the motives laid out below. - Krista

I once had a friend tell me that her grandmother used to say that if she touched herself in her "special lady area" her hand would fall off.

"I mean, they should be promoting masturbation, not bashing it," my pal said. "It’s not like my fingers are going to get me knocked up!"

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, there are a whole lot of great reasons to get it on with yourself. Here are 10 of my top picks.

Guest post by Stephanie Weaver

It’s Educational

When you’re having sexy solo time, you’re interacting with your body in the most intimate way possible. While masturbating, you’re able to learn what turns you on, pay attention to your body, and create a greater awareness about it for yourself. You also learn some strokes you can teach a future partner.

It’s Healthy

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Contrary to some old superstitions about masturbation’s side effects, it’s actually great for your health and wellness. It helps to increase circulation, relieve stress and improve sexual stamina, which could mean better orgasms. Green smoothies be damned - solo sex is where it’s at!

It’s a Cheap Date

If you’re single, sex can be hard to come by, and booty calls can be a bit of a dicey proposition. Instead of putting your body and ego in jeopardy, just hit the sack with your hand or a sex toy. Rent a movie, cook yourself a gourmet meal, and then add a bit of lube - voila! Party time begins.

It Beats Boredom

Rather than twiddling your thumbs or looking at funny cat videos, why not do something more productive with your time … like get off? It’s cheap, it’s easy and it sure beats watching reruns.

It Boosts Willpower

Everyone needs a little lovin’, but when the well runs dry, we can end up making some questionable choices. Solo sex can help you stick your guns and avoid panic when the bar lights finally come on. You’ll know exactly who you’re going home with — yourself.

It Boosts Self Esteem

Want to feel sexy and desirable? Have an orgasm! It releases endorphins, which should make you feel happy, relaxed and more comfortable in your beautiful skin.

It Helps You Last Longer

Masturbation is a great way to build up sexual stamina, which can mean longer, hotter bouts of play when you get naked with a partner.

It Makes Your Orgasms Bigger

When you masturbate, you find out what gets you off. In turn, you can teach your partner what you like in bed. And that means more fun for everyone.

It’s Safe

When you have sex with yourself, you’re totally, 100 percent safe. Piece of mind is always a good thing.

It Just Feels Good

There’s always a good time and reason to masturbate. Is it Tuesday? Go ahead, masturbate! Did you get a promotion at work? Masturbate! After all, feeling good should never need an excuse.

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Stephanie Weaver is a writer for Kinkly.com, a website devoted to providing fearless, straight-up sex talk and helping readers discover new and exciting things about sex, love and their bodies.

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