Lovehoney's Guide to Penis Pumps

Lovehoney's Guide to Penis Pumps

by Lovehoney

on Jun 12, 2014

Guide to Penis PumpsPenis pumps are the ultimate tool for male enhancement.

They’re designed to help you maintain a bigger and stronger erection. Could a penis pump be your ticket to instant growth?

Pumps help you to maintain a strong, prolonged erection, whether used for solo play or to build yourself up for sex with a partner.

You can even use a penis pump together with a cock ring for longer lasting and stronger erections.

We’re here to explain how and why penis pumps can give you a bigger, stronger penis for more intense masturbation or satisfying partner play.

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How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Most penis enlargement pumps are composed of an airtight cylinder and a pumping mechanism. To enlarge your erection, place the cylinder over the shaft of your penis and create a suction/vacuum at the base. Most penis pumps are only for the shaft of the penis, not the balls (although some pumps may be specifically designed for the scrotum too).

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With the airtight cylinder placed over the shaft of your penis, you can begin to pump with the attached bulb or hand pump. More blood flows into the erectile tissue as you pump, increasing the strength of your erection. Your penis will grow and become harder and thicker as increased blood flows to the shaft and head. During pumping, the erectile tissue expands to accommodate the influx of blood.

As you squeeze the hand pump, the suction in the tube is increased, gradually increasing the blood flow to your penis. You always have total control over the frequency of pumps and the pressure on your penis.

Over time, regular pumping can have longer lasting effects. How big and strong your erections become depends on how much time you have to pump on a regular basis.

What Do Penis Pumps Actually Do?

Penis pumps are one of the best ways to increase the size of your penis and strength of your erection, either temporarily with the help of a cock ring or over time if you put in some work on it. After pumping, most men see and feel more of an increase in the girth of their penis than the length.

Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump

With the pump in place, you could add up to an extra two inches and enjoy a much harder erection during play. Penis pumps are safe to use when you know what you’re doing and you follow the instructions. Begin with short sessions and make sure that you are not applying too much pressure to your penis. Go slow and increase the pressure over time.

There are dangers if you pump too hard and fast or apply too much pressure too soon. You could temporarily discolor your penis, burst blood vessels or cause genital blisters. Side effects are rare with controlled short-term use, but can increase when using penis pumps for a prolonged period of time.

The safest penis pumps have a built-in pressure gauge, like the 5-star rated Top Gauge Pro Pressure Penis Pump. High-end pumps are worth every penny when it comes to quality and safety. Think of it as an investment in your family jewels!

What Are Penis Pumps Used For?

Men use penis pumps for many reasons, not just for making their penises bigger and harder. Penis pumps provide an intense blow job effect because of the airtight suction. Pumps are perfect for men who crave the 'sucking' feeling usually only provided by a lover's mouth.

Sliquid Ride Dude Lube H2O Lubricant 125mlIf this sounds like something you'd like to try, begin by applying lube to the base of your penis, this will help create a tight seal. You can bring yourself all the way to orgasm using the pump action to stimulate your penis. Lubricants designed for masturbation are perfect to use with pumps. Try Male Cobeco Water Based Lubricant, Stroke 29 or Sliquid Ride Dude Lube.

Sufferers of erectile dysfunction can use a penis pump to maintain and strengthen erections without resorting to drugs such as Viagra or other more invasive measures. In the case of diabetes or poor blood circulation, blood circulation is also reduced to your penis. Penis pumps can help to increase blood flow and decrease weak or short-lived erections.

Whatever the case may be, many men can benefit from using a penis pump to increase the size and duration of your erection for successful partner sex or masturbation.

Penis pumps can be used for foreplay as well. Increase sensation by using your pump as a precursor to a blowjob. The effects of pumping bring more blood to your penis or clit, making the area even more sensitive to every touch and lick.

Penis pumps aren’t just for penises either, they can be used to enlarge your nipples and increase blood flow to the clitoris and vulva. No matter what body part you are pumping always take care and go slow when applying pressure and increasing the speed of the pump action.

Choose The Right Penis Pump For You

We don't recommend that you settle for the first penis pump you encounter. Find the penis pump best suited to your needs and expectations.

Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis PumpOn a budget but want a increase the size of your dick, the Lust Buster Pump is great at providing an extra inch or two. The extra tight seal will do the job as the cylinder accommodates your penis’ growth. A vibrating bullet increases pleasure, making this pump a great option for masturbation too.

If you’re serious about pumping and want to start training with reps on a daily basis, check out the the Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump. If you're already a big boy looking to push it to the max or simply looking for a penis pump for masturbation, the Bathmate Goliath Hydrotheraphy Penis Pump with a 14-inch cylinder will be sure to fit and deliver.

We recommend you pick up a Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve to increase your suction satisfaction. Happy pumping!

Need More Help?

Contact Lovehoney Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the perfect pump. You can send an email anytime, and telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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