How Many Americans Masturbate at Work?

by Lovehoney

on Aug 31, 2022

Being able to work from home has opened up not just a new way of working, but also a new way of living. We now take meetings in our pyjamas, and we’ve turned our beds into our offices; it has given us the power to work in any way we want. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

We’ve surveyed 2,008 Americans over the age of 18 to discover whether working from home has changed their masturbation and sex habits, and found that as many as 49% admitted to masturbating whilst they were meant to be working, and 39% had even had sex during their work hours.

Masturbation hotspots: Where people are most likely to masturbate during company time

Work-from-home masturbation is a US-wide activity, but some cities are more inclined to slot in some time for masturbating than others. It was found that San Diego residents are the most likely to masturbate during their working hours, with 75% of respondents admitting that they have. This is closely followed by San Antonio (67%), and Los Angeles (66%).

However, when it comes to which cities are home to people that have increased how often they masturbate due to working from home, as many as 83% of Austin residents admit to masturbating more frequently. San Jose and Phoenix come in second and third place, with 60% and 55% respectively.

American masturbation habits

Why do people masturbate during work hours?

While it might just seem like people are doing it because they simply want to, the top reasons for people masturbating during work hours are feeling horny (68%), stress relief (61%), and knowing it’s risky (35%).

However, we found that the risk factor is much more appealing to women, with almost two-in-five women (39%) saying that’s the reason for them masturbating during work hours, compared to 32% of men.

American Masturbation habits - why do people masturbate at work?

Memphis residents are also the most likely to masturbate during work hours for the risk factor, with as many as 67% of respondents saying that’s a contributing factor. However, every single respondent from Austin said that boredom played the main role in why they masturbate when they’re supposed to be working.

What is our favourite time of the working day to masturbate?

When asked at which point of the working day they masturbate the most, bathroom breaks are the most popular time for people to take a masturbation break, with 39% of respondents saying they’ve done it then. We even found that one-fifth (20%) of respondents had masturbated whilst doing a work task.

Based on this, it’s safe to assume that if people are taking a while in the bathroom, it’s likely that they’re using it as an opportunity to ‘de-stress’!

How many people have sex on their company’s time?

While masturbating when you’re supposed to be working sounds risky enough for a lot of people, some take it even further and have sex during work hours. Having a ‘nooner’ became common practice for a lot during the pandemic, and this has stuck with a lot of people. As many as 38% of Americans have admitted to having sex during work hours, with men being more likely - 43% compared to 34% of women.

Los Angeles, San Jose and Houston are home to Americans that are most likely to have sex during work hours, with 58%, 56% and 51%, respectively, saying they’ve had sex either on lunch breaks, on bathroom breaks, whilst doing work, or between meetings.

Why are people having sex during work hours?

Unlikely masturbating whilst working, having sex whilst working is mostly motivated by simply feeling horny, with 64% of respondents saying that’s their main reason for getting down and dirty during work hours. The other most common reasons are my partner wanting to (54%), and stress relief (40%). Risk factor also comes into play here, but interestingly enough it only falls in the top three reasons for those aged 45+.

So, next time you see a free slot in your colleague’s diary, it might be worth asking that they’re definitely free in case you’re disturbing an extracurricular activity!

American Masturbation habits - why do people have sex at work?

Benefits of masturbating during the work day

While some people do still think of masturbation as taboo, Certified Sex Educator Bobby Box, has shared some insight on why masturbation is healthy and should be encouraged.

“Masturbation boasts a host of benefits, both mental and physical. There are technically no harmful side effects of masturbation, though excessive masturbation may become an issue if it interferes with other areas of your life.

The fact of the matter is that masturbation feels incredible and exploring your body on your terms is a fantastic and pressure-free way of learning what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy sexually.

“Both research and anecdotal reports have found masturbation to be a fantastic stress reliever, which helps us sleep better, mitigate anxiety and depression, and put us in a better mood as it floods our bodies with feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

“But that’s not all. One study found that women and people with vulvas who masturbate regularly experience more orgasms, higher self-esteem and greater sexual and relationship satisfaction. It’s also been found to help with cramping and headaches due to the release of these aforementioned hormones. Masturbation can also increase sexual desire (as sex begets more sex for many) and can help men and people with penises last longer in bed. Another study found that masturbation may even lower risks of developing prostate cancer.”


Data is based on a survey we conducted in August 2022 of 2,008 US residents over the age of 18.

The expert commentary was provided by:

Bobby Box - Certified Sex Educator


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