9 Sexy Striptease Tips to Drive Your Lover Wild

by Cecile

on Mar 4, 2018

We all know that being naked is pretty great, but what about the getting naked part?

If your undressing style consists of an under-the-covers fumble or you prefer the rip-off-your-clothes-and-go technique, we suggest you try slowing things down a little for a change. And maybe add some music.

Terrified? Stick with us.


The idea of being the centre of attention in the buff is, quite literally, lots of people's idea of a nightmare.

Anyone else have those dreams where you turn up to work/uni/your mother in law's wearing nothing but your knickers?

Ok, so it might be a bit of a challenge, but stripping for your partner can be unbelievably hot.

We've put together a handy guide to help boost your confidence and have your lover's heart pounding.

1. Be prepared!

An impromptu, post-pub routine could go amazingly well, but if you want to put a bit more effort into your striptease, we reccomend a little prep.

First, have a think about what you want to do.

Do you want to strip to your underwear, or go full nude? Are you going to add music and dance moves? Do you want to be close enough to be touched, or create space between you?

A great way to get inspired is to watch strip scenes from films, or burlesque routines, then practise moving and touching your body in the same way. Even better – do it in front of the mirror so you can see what works and what doesn't.

2. Set the scene

Decide where you're going to do it! If you live in a shared house or your kids are likely to burst in, your bedroom is the best bet.

Push any furniture to one side, slide that stack of magazines out the way and create your 'stage'.

Creating physical distance between you and your lover makes anything you do a performance, and means they won't be able to touch you (which is only going to make them want you more).

Before you begin, close the curtains, dim the lights and (though we wouldn't suggest getting plastered) maybe have a glass of wine to calm your nerves.

3. What to wear


Whatever you wear, wear more than one layer, or your striptease won't last long! A robe worn over a front-fastening basque, knickers and suspenders, or a peephole bra set with nipple tassels is perfect.

Wear something you feel comfortable and happy in – and spend some time in it before your strip.

Move around, bend over, work out how flexible it is, and practise taking it all off in front of the mirror – if the movements are fluid and effortless it's a good bet.

Itchy labels, that necklace that always gets tangled in your hair, heels you can't walk down stairs in let alone take your clothes off – these are all no-nos.

4. Perfect props

Dita splashes around in a massiv Martini glass, Salma Hayek opted for a snake in that famous scene in From Dusk til Dawn...

Some props can add a playful twist to your routine, like twirling nipple tassels, a fan or a feather tickler, while others can up the sex factor.

If your floor will allow it, a glass of Champagne poured over your chest will draw attention to your breasts, and leave them longing to touch (and taste) you.

You can also use a folded-up fan or feather tickler to point to the parts of your body you want your lover to look at – and away from the parts you're not so confident about.

5. Adding music

Music sets the mood and pace of your routine, and as most songs are under 4 minutes it gives you a clear beginning and end for your striptease.

Choose a song you know so you've got a predictable rhythm to move to – go for blues, R&B or something with a solid, slow beat to move to.

Unless you're feeling super energetic or you've got something very unique in mind, hard house is probably not your best option – but hey, you do you.

6. The removal


Take. Your. Time. Resist the urge to rush, and draw out every movement.

Undo your buttons one by one, lingering on the last one, peeling those layers off and playing with your lover's expectations. They should be sweating to see that little bit of skin.

Caress the body part you're revealing, as you reveal it, so that they can imagine touching you in the same place.

Think about where the clothing will go once you've removed it – dropping it at your feet will create trip hazards, so either throw it out of the way, or to your audience.

7. Eye contact

There are two different ways to do this.

Eye contact is both intimate and erotic, and lets your lover know you're doing this for them.

Or, don't look at them at all – instead, let your gaze rest on the your outstretched foot while you're rolling your stockings down, your bra as you toss it away, or your own body as you stroke your skin with your hands.

8. Pause and pose

You don't always have to be moving – don't be afraid to stop, throw a glance over your shoulder and let your lover drink in the sight of your body.

Or, pause as you're undoing your bra, letting your fingers linger and teasing them with the big reveal.

If you want to slow things down and let your partner appreciate your body for a moment, you can't beat the classic 'Wonder Woman' power pose (Beyoncé is a big fan) with your hands planted on your hips.

9. Be yourself

Last but probably most important of all... have fun.

While stepping outside of your comfort zone can be empowering, and playing a role can be fun, you don't have to be the vampy seductress if that's just not you.

Smile if you feel like it, and if a giggle pops out don't worry. A lighthearted, laid back approach can be incredibly sexy – some of the most famous burlesque performers swear by it.

This is your striptease, so do it your way and you'll leave your lover longing for your next performance.

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Written by Cecile. Lovehoney Editorial Team

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Originally published on Mar 4, 2018. Updated on Aug 5, 2020