How to Liberate Your Sex Life with Liberator Sex Furniture

by Jess

on Feb 14, 2019

What is Liberator?

Liberator are a brand of sex furniture who specialize in sex position cushions for easier, more satisfying sex.

Now you might be thinking: "I can use any old cushion for sex - I don't need a special sex pillow to improve my sex life", but you'd be wrong.

Liberator have every base covered, from ensuring their cushions provide ample, reliable support of two bodies in motion, to making sure clean up is hassle-free.

Their renowned wedge-shaped cushions all boast an orgasm-inducing 27° angle that makes precise G-spot contact and deeper penetration a cinch.

Plus, they take the strain off of more complex sex positions, allowing you to experiment more, play for longer, and increase your chances of climax. Hooray!

To help you get the most out of your Liberator, we've listed four of our favorite ways to use one below...

Ride 'em Cowgirl

Anyone who's straddled their partner during sex knows how tricky maintaining the right angle for orgasm can be.

Often the bottom partner is just too low, forcing the top partner to do some pretty advanced-level squatting.

Remove the hardcore workout from sexytime with the Liberator Wedge.

By raising and tilting the laid down partner's pelvis, it makes riding for longer easier, and also positions their appendage for sensational G-spot massage.

Experiment with where you position the wedge (under the knees or bum) and play around with different motions.

Top-tip: We recommend maintaining butt-to-hip contact and shifting your pelvis back and forth (rather than bouncing) for the most effective G-spot pleasure.

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Lazy Doggy

When we ask couples what their favourite sex posotion is, a lot of people say doggy style.

So, what could make doggy any better, you ask? Effortless doggy, of course.

The big sister of the Wedge, the Ramp features the same 27° angle for perfect penetration, but in larger proportions, offering full body support in a number of positions.

In doggy, it supports the receiving partners hips and torso, and lifts their behind into prime position for entry.

Top-tip: Want to try anal? The Ramp allows the receiving partner to get into the perfect pose without tensing a single muscle. This, in turn, helps relax their mind and body (aka anus) for smooth, pleasurable anal play.

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A lot of people with a vulva report that penetration angled slightly to the left or right brings them the most pleasure. Combine the perfect angle with clitoral stimulation and get ready for a speedy (and possibly repetitive) trip to O-town!

The T-Bone position puts you and your partner at right angles, which not only makes angled penetration and clitoral access a doddle, but it offers a snesational view for both of you, too.

The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo (as the name suggests) comes with both the classic Wegde and the Ramp, and can be combined in almost any formation for completely customised position play.

In this position, the Ramp supports the giver, while the Wedge lifts the receiver's netheregions for penetration without a hitch (or achey muscle) in sight!

Top-tip: For fans of toys, this is a great time to add one (or more) to the mix. While the giver enjoys easy access to their own butt thanks to the side-on pose, the receiving partner can play with their clitoris and nipples for blended climaxes.

Pick up a prostate massager and bullet vibrator to really tip your shared pleasure-potential over the edge.

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Have you got a position that rivals these? Share your sexpertise by popping it in the comments below!

These are just a few of the tools in the Liberator range; they also sell sex toy mounts, cushioned spreader bars and more.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Feb 14, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020