We Found These Cheeky Pokémon Hiding in Our Sex Toy Warehouse

by Lovehoney

on Jul 14, 2016

Pidgey in warehouse

Ever since it was released last week, Pokémon GO has all but taken over the world.

From Lickitungs in the park, to Grimers in church and Squirtles in the convenience store, fans both young and old have been discovering the joys of Pokémon hunting in the real world, thanks to GPS technology and an incredibly addictive free-to-play app.

Released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original games (and boy, does that make me feel old), Pokémon GO has dominated the headlines, with people finding these weird and wonderful Pocket Monsters in the most bizarre places imaginable.

So given that we want Lovehoney to be the very best (like no one ever was) we set off into our sex toy warehouse to find out which Pokémon could be lurking among the toys.

We're just glad we didn't catch any Krabbies.


    1. Rattata on Happy Rabbit

      A wild Rattata appeared! (On my desk, on top of the Happy Rabbit Ears…)

    2. Jigglypuff and Fifty Shades of Grey

      "Jigglypuff's inner goddess swoons…" We never knew this cutey was a Fifty Shades fan.

    3. Jigglypuff and Penis Pasta

      We've always wondered what Pokémon eat, and now we know: Penis Pasta.

    4. Zubat on Pussy Pump

      This Zubat seemed pretty alarmed to be caught by the pussy pumps. Don't worry, Zubat, it's nothing to be ashamed of…

    5. Pidgey on American Challenge

      We estimate the Great American Challenge to be about three Pidgeys tall.

    6. Pidgey on Kama Sutra

      Do you believe there's a Kama Sutra position called the Pidgey? No, we don't either.

    7. Shellder on Thrust Pro Xtra

      Brand new to the Thrust collection: the Shellder Pro Extra.

    8. Growlithe and American Bombshell

      In case you've always wondered whether Growlithe was bigger than a butt plug, now you know: only just.

    9. Shellder on Dildos

      Is it just us, or does Shellder look a little more "shocked" here?

    10. Jigglypuff and Pride Dildo

      If there's a Pokémon you'd expect to see at the end of a rainbow, it's Jigglypuff.

    11. Drowzee on Nick's Head

      Now we know why Nick's the 'Head' of the Content team. Get off there, Drowzee, you'll get us fired.

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