A Taste of Eden: Interview with Erotic Author Eden Bradley

A Taste of Eden: Interview with Erotic Author Eden Bradley

by Lovehoney

on Feb 17, 2014

Interview with Eden BradleyOne of the biggest names in the erotic novel industry, award-winning author Eden Bradley has penned bestsellers like Exotica and Desire's Edge.

Combining a love of storytelling with her unique, sensual view of the world, Eden's novels are full of exciting prose and alluring situations.

We loved her newest book, The Seduction of Valentine Day, so much that we made it our erotic book of the month. Every copy of this novel purchased before the end of February comes with a free Lovehoney Mini G-spot Vibrator to help you enjoy your reading experience as much as possible!

We were so pleased to get a chance to speak with Eden about her latest book and find out what inspired this tale of seduction and lust.

Read on below for the full interview, and don't forget to pick up your copy of The Seduction of Valentine Day before the end of the month!

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of the novel?

The Seduction of Valentine Day

A: The Seduction Of Valentine Day is the story of a high-class call girl with a dirty secret - dirtier than what she does for a living: the only way she can get off is if she's getting paid for sex.

But Valentine has other reasons that I explore throughout the story - especially after she meets Joshua, the first man who has truly interested her, possibly ever. She begins to question her entire life and see if she can change it to be with this man.

We follow her from her luxurious life in Hollywood and Beverly Hills to the golden cage that is the hotel room of a wealthy Sheik in New York City to a dirty motel where we see the dark underbelly of the life of a sex worker… and eventually to Joshua's home by the beach in LA, where she opens her heart for the first time. I think it's an interesting and emotional journey. I hope readers will, too!

Q: You mention that Josh's character is very much based on a man you've dated. How do you think he'd feel if he read your novel?

A: I think he would very easily recognize himself! Of course, I've altered him a tiny bit, but truly only a bit. He's sort of the one who got away…

desire's edge by eve berlinQ: Which authors inspire you?

A: My writing voice has been very much inspired by Anne Rice, her vampires and her more erotic works. Also, Tanith Lee has been a huge inspiration. She has a way with descriptive language that just makes me swoon!

Q: If The Seduction of Valentine Day was made into a film, who would you cast as Joshua and Valentine?

A: Joshua could be played by Chris Hemsworth. He has that sophistication with a little rough edge. Plus a body to die for. Perfect! For Valentine I'd cast Eliza Dushku - she was amazing in the television show The Dollhouse! And she has that dark sensuality, but with so much more in her eyes - she's complex, just like Valentine.

Q: When you're not writing, what do you get up to?

Exotica by Eden Bradley

A: I'm a total girl, so I love to go shopping - especially for shoes!

I'm also a huge art geek, so I'm very happy visiting museums or art galleries. And I love spending time with my puppy, Voodoo. He's my baby!

Q: What book, by another author, do you love so much that you wish you'd written it?

A: Oh, that one's easy - The Siren by Tiffany Reisz (the first book in her Original Sinners Series). The story is so brilliant, her characters so authentic, and it's gorgeously written. We have a shared love for language, description and kink.

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Interview with Eden BradleyEden Bradley is an award-winning and bestselling erotic author. Her published work includes the novels Exotica and The Seduction of Valentine Day. She has also written under the pen name Eve Berlin - her novel Desire's Edge won the 2010 Holt Medallion Award for best Erotic Romance.

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