Still Sexy at 72: Lovehoney Lingerie Stars in This Inspirational Shoot

Still Sexy at 72: Lovehoney Lingerie Stars in This Inspirational Shoot

by Krista

on Oct 20, 2016

joan price lovehoney lingerie

I honestly love opportunities to connect amazing people - over the years I've befriended a few - to other amazing people for amazing results.

Earlier this summer, I was discussing Lovehoney Lingerie with two equally remarkable folks separately, Joan Price, author and educator, and Perry Gallagher, skilled erotic photographer.

When Joan suggested a photo shoot to feature the lingerie, light bulbs started flashing. With just a little bit of magic, a few dozen emails, and some creative coordinating of schedules, we were able to connect them both to create these amazing photos of Joan, at the ripe age of 72, in some of Lovehoney's wildly popular lingerie styles.

With one word, I think we can all agree the result is nothing short of inspirational.

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Krista: What inspired you to do this photo shoot?

Joan Price in Lovehoney Lingerie

Perry: I was contacted by Krista and she introduced me to Joan Price, a well know author and speaker on Human Sexuality. Joan's specific area of expertise is Sex after 50.

While I have photographed women of all ages, it is a first to have a beautiful woman of 72 years of age willing to let me share her lingerie photographs via my website and social media. To have the opportunity to inspire women of all ages to share in a similar experience was irresistible. I believe that having beautiful photographs taken at any age can be a confidence-building life experience.

Joan: I am all about celebrating our sexuality and capacity for pleasure lifelong. Sensuality has no expiration date. I did a lingerie photo shoot at age 65, and again at 68.

When I was given the opportunity to work with Lovehoney and Perry Gallagher at age 72, everything in me shouted, “Yes!” Thank you for the opportunity!

Which is your favorite picture from your shoot and why?

Joan: That’s hard to say because Perry did an extraordinary job. It’s between the purple outfit and the lacy robe. I like the sensuality, confidence, and joy which come through especially powerfully in those two. It’s not just about the lingerie. It’s about feeling confident and sexy in my body - and in the lingerie.

Perry: My favorite photograph of Joan was when she was wearing the purple slip. She had just changed into the slip and came back into the room. I asked her to get back on the bed. As she did she looked at me and smiled. It was the perfect moment.

The light was just right, her position was just right and she was connected. A perfect candid moment. Joan was very comfortable in her own skin, a good look on everybody when being photographed.

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone doing their first lingerie photo shoot?

joan in pink lingerie

Perry: Don't put it off. Find a photographer who's style reflects how you would like to be seen and photographed. A photographer that respects you and instills self-confidence.

Don't shoot with just anybody with a camera. It's important that your photographer knows the right lens to use, understands light, and is sensitive to others.

You want a photographer that will give you lots of direction during the photo shoot, this will help put you at ease. You don't want to be thinking about anything other than being your beautiful self.

Joan: Confidence is powerful! It’s also beautiful and sexy. If we can banish the urge to be self-critical, our photographer will discover that beauty in us. Commit to the experience in advance, then relax and enjoy it.

joan in lace robe

Why do you love lingerie?

Joan: It brings out our sexiest selves! It feels good and looks good, and I feel sexy wearing lovely lingerie.

Perry: I love lingerie because it is a tease. It is revealing but not completely. I think of lingerie as the perfect wrapper.

Lingerie can direct your attention to your best assets. A lingerie collection is like an adventure, best shared.

Did anything surprise you about this photo shoot or Lovehoney's lingerie?

Perry: I was surprised by Lovehoney Lingerie's assortment and quality. The prices are very reasonable, especially when considering the competition.

Joan: Everything surprised me! I didn’t know Perry in advance, except from his incredible website, I feared that I was no match for the gorgeous, sexy, *young* models. But Perry put me at ease immediately, and the photo shoot was not only wildly successful, but great fun.

I really recommend to other people, whatever your age or shape, to let a professional photographer like Perry reveal your beauty. It can change how you see yourself.

As I said in my own blog post,“It was a truly empowering experience that I'll take with me anytime I fret about a new wrinkle or thigh puff.”

I want to send a huge thank you to Joan and Perry. We hope you all have enjoyed this post, interview, and eye candy! See more in Joan's post on her site Better Than I Ever Expected and follow @PerryGallagher and @JoanPrice and @Lovehoney_com on twitter too.

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Oct 20, 2016. Updated on Aug 5, 2020