Upgrade Your Stroker and Your Orgasms with Power-gasm!

by Jess

on Oct 11, 2018


Anyone who's shopped at Lovehoney knows how much we love a good sex toy review.

Not only do reviews help you (our lovely customers) figure out which products are most likely to get you off, but it also helps us create fun, pleasureable products which we know you'll love.

The latest stroke of genius?

After approximately 5,643,318,671 (give or take) penis-owning customers told us they love combining a stroker with powerful vibrations, we thought it's about time we made a product to make vibro-strokes easier than ever.

As such, we're very proud to introduce you to the brand new Lovehoney Power-gasm Stroker Wand Attachment!

What makes it so great? Read on to find out more.

Spot the Difference

    • Hummer
    • Hummer Magic Wand Attachment

    • Cup Attachment
    • Power-gasm Magic Wand Attachment

You might be looking at the two attachments above thinking they're the same toy, but you'd be wrong!

Although similar to look at, their purpose differs.

Lovehoney Hummer Attachment

Unlike the Lovehoney Hummer Attachment (above left) which has a built-in stroker for direct penis stimulation...

... the Lovehoney Power-gasm Wand Attachment (above right) is a facilitator attachment for custom penis-play.

A what?

Think of it as the 'middle man' between your magic wand and your favourite stroker.

What's the benefit?

Rather than being limited to one texture, material and tightness for masturbation, with the Power-gasm you can easily tailor play suit your mood.

Fancy realistic strokes with ultra-powerful vibrations?

You got it, buddy!

BlowYo Extreme Wave Blow Job Stroker

BlowYo Extreme Wave

A perfect pairing for those who want concentrated pleasure on one area of their penis, rather than the full length.

Concentrate attention on the head of the penis for intense stimulation, or edge your way to climax by avoiding the head completely.

Four BlowYo strokers to choose from, for completely custom pleasure every time.

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THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina


The best combo for those who want realistic visuals and sensation along their full length.

Remove the sleeve from its outer case and pop in warm water prior to play for an even more lifelike experience.

Power-gasm is best used alongside THRUST toys with a hard outer casing (as shown), but feel free to experiment with other pocket pussies and handheld strokers for versatile play.

See Full THRUST Range

Tracey Cox EDGE Cup Stamina Stroker

Tracey Cox EDGE

Like the look of the THRUST combo, but not into realistic toys?

No problemo!

Opt for a 'stealth' stroker (one with an non-anatomical opening) for all of the same benefits, with none of the 'chopped off a body' styling.

The Tracey Cox EDGE Stroker (pictured) is a great choice, but the Power-gasm is compatible with most handheld strokers.

Play around with different combinations to find your favourite.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Oct 11, 2018. Updated on Mar 17, 2022