Book of the Month is Back! Get Dangerously Bound With a Free Vibrator Gift

Book of the Month is Back! Get Dangerously Bound With a Free Vibrator Gift

by Krista

on Oct 7, 2014

Dangerously BoundOur Erotic Book of the Month is back!

October's sultry story book is Dangerously Bound by bestselling author Eden Bradley. Enjoy your copy even more when you take advantage of our October Book of the Month Deal. Each copy comes with a free gift BlueBella OM..G! G-Spot Vibrator to really spice things up.

We spoke with Eden Bradley about what makes this book special and she filled us in with the uncensored back story: "Dangerously Bound combines several of my favorite things: a hot tattooed bad boy and the city of New Orleans."

"If you've read any of my books then you probably already know that kink is often a main ingredient, and a part of my own life, so it's a favorite theme to write about. In this case there's a lot of rope play, which was something I didn't have much experience with myself, so of course I had to do research - that's what I'm calling it, anyway."

Read on for more from Eden and enjoy a sneak preview of Dangerously Bound

Important to Eden was the setting in this novel; "New Orleans is the most magical place. There's something about the old buildings crumbling in the sultry, subtropical salt air and the flowers growing everywhere. The sounds of guitar music and the low voices of the fortune tellers as you cross Jackson Square. The city is great food and music from all over the world. And it's pure magic, purely sensual."

Dangerously Bound's hot tattooed leading man is as complex and irresistible as they come. Eden creates these enticing characters for her heroines and herself, "Then there's the bad boy-Mick Reid, in this case. He's an MMA fighter and he prefers to play by street rules. He's also a Dominant through and through, with a natural air of command - tall, dark and bad, but with a heart of gold, especially when it comes to his girl. Just my kind of guy!"

A Sneak Preview of Dangerously Bound:

Allie pushed open the screen door and stepped onto her porch. The old wood boards creaked under her bare feet - she’d have Allister look at that.

It was an unseasonably warm and humid night for May, and she hadn’t had time yet to replace the old cottage’s air-conditioning. It was cooler out there, with a small breeze pick- ing up the damp tendrils of hair that had escaped from her ponytail. She pressed her glass of iced tea against her hot neck - not the traditional New Orleans sweet tea - she’d broken herself of that habit in her years living in Europe.

She moved to the edge of the screened-in porch, searching the sky for the moon. It was a small crescent in the inky sky, the stars glimmering from between the clouds. Hard to believe Mick shared this same sky with her somewhere in the city. That he was that close.

It always came back to him. Especially now. Especially here, with the warm, sultry air soft on her skin, making her remember.

He wasn’t the first boy she’d kissed, but kissing him had changed everything. It was a mad rush of heat and need. Startling at first. Then something she looked forward to, craved.

They’d made out like crazy in high school. Mick would pull her aside every chance he got in the hall at school, into a dark doorway when they were walking down the street. His kisses were demanding, even in those days.

A small, soft breath escaped her lips as she remembered, as she closed her eyes and imagined the warm press of his mouth against hers. Desire was a low, steady hum in her system, heat blossoming between her thighs.

Oh, yes, Mick Reid could kiss like the devil himself.

He was every bit as wicked. She’d known it then. Loved it. Wanted more than he’d ever been willing to give her. But things were different now. She was all grown up. She knew how to get what she wanted. And she would find a way.

But back to the kissing…

She sat down in one of the wicker chairs on the porch, set her tea on the floor next to her, leaned back, and closed her eyes once more.

There had been those moments when he looked at her - watched her - and she knew he was about to kiss her. He’d pause, making her wait. Make her breathe in her desire, and his. Pure torture, but she’d loved it. Then he’d pull her in hard and crush her body to his, his lips to hers, and oh…

She pressed down on her aching sex through the thin cotton of her dress.

His tongue would push into her mouth, sweet and silky and full of need. She'd loved the way he needed her, as if he'd die if he couldn't touch her, kiss her.

She was dying right now.

She opened her eyes for a moment. The porch was dark--she hadn't turned on the lights. The street was quiet, empty. She closed her eyes and pictured his face once more, those lovely moments of anticipation before he took her mouth.

She slid her hand beneath the hem of her dress, slipped her fingers under the lacy edge of her panties and found her sex slick with need. She took in a breath, let her fingers slide through her damp heat, over the already-swollen folds.

God, the first time he'd gone down on her she thought she would die of pleasure. It was the one thing he'd given in on - he refused to take her virginity. But that plush, clever mouth kissing her there, licking, sucking…


She pressed a finger into her body, moaned quietly. Added another.

He'd push his tongue inside her, then draw it out, pause endlessly, making her wait before he dove in once more, all wet tongue and soft lips, then he'd push his fingers into her.

She pumped her fingers a few times, need swarming her, her hips arching. Then she slid her fingers out to rub at her hard clitoris.


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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Oct 7, 2014. Updated on Aug 5, 2020