How to Pick the Perfect Sex Toy

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on Jul 19, 2013

How to Pick a Sex ToyIt's not always easy to just jump online and find the sex toy that's going to rock your world on the first try.

Dave Kingsley knows a thing or two about orgasms and sex toys. He's here to give you some great tips on finding the perfect toy. You don't have to necessarily test a million sex toys before you find the right one for you.

Using Dave's tips, you can find the perfect sex toy for your needs:

Let’s face it, there are a million sex toys out there so who has the time to pick the perfect sex toy?

But there is a science behind acquiring a sex toy and, more importantly, one that’s right for you.

A little bit of forethought will help you find the perfect toy for your sexy adventures. Here are seven tips to researching, buying and acquiring a sex toy that’s just right for you.

1. Do your research

The Internet has become the go-to place to find anything. I can’t imagine 20 years ago when consumers had to get their information from the library or take a friend’s word as gospel, especially in regards to something so personal as a sex toy. Heck, people back in the day didn’t even bother to do research on sex toys… just ordering one felt dirty! But these days the amazing amount of information on the net provides consumers with an opportunity to pick a sex toy discreetly and without the fuss.

2. Read articles, comments and reviews

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This point is really an extension of the above. It is imperative that you read a lot about the sex toy you are going to buy. Also, you have a great resource called YouTube. A lot of reviewers post their reviews on YouTube, giving you a more interactive look at some of the sex toys that you may be interested in purchasing.

3. Pick a sex toy for YOU!

It’s easy to just pick a sex toy because your friend said it's great or it’s popular. Realistically, each person has different sexual needs so getting a sex toy that’s right for you is very important. Make a list of what you would like out of a new sex toy (check out point #5).

4. Ask the experts

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or add comments to online reviews. This option will give you a chance to build a healthy network of people that can aid you in acquiring that perfect sex toy that is right for you. Sex toy reviewers and sex experts understand the importance of picking a good sex toy and won’t have a problem answering your questions. Also, you might be helping other people who were afraid to ask those same questions you just did!

5. Make a list

When doing research, be sure to make a list of some of the toys that you are considering buying. Weigh the pros and cons and of course take note of the sites you would like to purchase the product(s) from. Lovehoney offers free shipping and comprehensive no questions asked returns. Quality customer service is an important part of a pleasurable sex toy shopping experience.

6. Experiment

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If you have some money to throw around and want to try more than one sex toy out there, it might be a great idea to buy a few. Some online retailers have discounts if you buy several items from them. This also gives you a chance to build a multi-dimensional sex toy collection! Although this list is geared to buying one sex toy that’s right for you, it’s also a good idea to consider having a few different products around to quench your other sexual appetites!

7. Getting the Sex Toy

When you have finally found that sex toy that’s right for you and decide to order it, take the time to congratulate yourself. It took some time to find something that suits your needs and not another person's. However, let's say you get the sex toy and find that it doesn’t meet your expectations. You have to ask yourself some questions: Are you using it correctly? Have you tried it multiple times? If you have and you are still unhappy with its performance, with Lovehoney you don't have to chalk this round as a learning experience and cut your losses. At Lovehoney you can return any product within 365 days and use the credit to find another sex toy that will meet your sexual needs.

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Dave KingsleyDave Kingsley is the Brand Manager of a very sexy and NSFW site that reviews all the latest sex toys, including Lovehoney products like the Sqweel 2 and Lovehoney Double Stroker.

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