S2E2: Everything You Need to Know About Consent with Dr Megan Fleming

by Lovehoney

on Sep 24, 2020

Consent is an enormous and very important topic, particularly when it comes to sexual consent. Whether you're in a long-term relationship and want to try something new, or it's a first-time encounter, feeling comfortable and safe, and having the capacity to say 'no' at any point in time, is an essential aspect for any healthy sexual relationship.

This week's guest, sex and relationships expert Dr Megan Fleming, joins Sammi and Nick to talk about when you should establish consent (spoiler: it's always), what consent looks like, and how to go about having those unambiguous discussions.

Alongside this conversation (with the help of the famous 'tea' analogy), the team talk about how worldwide lockdowns have affected sexual behaviours, and of course, share little-known sex facts and the answers to your questions.

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Originally published on Sep 24, 2020. Updated on Jan 21, 2021