Position of the Week: Bottoms Up

by Lovehoney

on Apr 11, 2020

Doggy style isn't just for penetrative sex - it's a super-versatile and highly effective oral sex position as well. This elevated version gives him full access to both her bum and vulva, and puts her very much at the mercy of his pleasure giving.

Position of the Week: Bottoms Up


He sits down with his knees bent and feet on the floor. She climbs on top of him and places her torso over his knees with her bum facing towards him and her knees resting either side of his hips. By placing her hands on the floor either side of his feet, she can balance herself and work with him to manoeuvre herself into a comfortable position.


Bottoms Up opens her playground of pleasure-hungry nerve endings up to him to explore, whether with his tongue, fingers or toys. The position puts him in the role of an adjustable position enhancer as he can lower or raise his knees to the best angle for tending to her needs, while she can lean her bum back into his face to guide him on what feels good.


This position is fantastic for rimming if you're feeling extra kinky, or simply make the most of his free hands with some extra finger-based stimulation. His hands can also reach for a vibrator, dildo or anal toy to add fun penetration play into the mix. A G-spot toy such as the Lovehoney G-Pleaser works like a dream with the Bottoms Up position as she is perfectly angled for intense G-spot massages.

Make it even better

If the same old foreplay routine is turning into a yawn fest, the Bottoms Up position could shake it up nicely and slide (quite literally) into penetrative sex. A simple lift of her torso and she can slide down onto his erection, swiftly turning it into a cowgirl-style sex position.


Everyone's a winner in this position - it's perfect for female-female and male-male couples as well.

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Originally published on Apr 11, 2020. Updated on Jan 17, 2021