Position of the Week: Double Duty

by Lucy

on Feb 4, 2021

Enter into a new sexy frontier with Double Duty, a position that allows for undivided oral attention on the receiving partner’s vagina or anus. A nice and easy position to get into and maintain, with big-time pleasure opportunities.



The receiving partner kneels and bends forward, lifting their bottom in the air and resting the top half of their body on the floor. The giving partner kneels behind them and maneuvers their hips and butt cheeks to make oral pleasuring a cinch.


Quite simply, it makes performing rimming or cunnilingus nice and easy, and maximizes access for performing unencumbered oral tricks.


Either partner can indulge themselves or each other in extra stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot, penis or testicles to build up to an intense blended orgasm. Reach for a handheld male masturbator or bullet vibrator to ramp up the sensations in an instant with intense vibrations.

Make it even better

If you have a vagina, wearing a vibrating love egg will give you a discreet way of adding internal satisfaction into the mix. If you have a penis, a cock and ball ring could also help intensify orgasms. A big bonus is that both toys can be worn by the giver or receiver of oral delights, for completely hands-free pleasure.


Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
If you think that an exciting sex life starts and ends with Missionary then Lucy, who has worked at Lovehoney for over a decade, is here to enlighten you with her ever-popular ‘Position of the Week’ blogs.
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Originally published on Feb 4, 2021. Updated on Feb 1, 2021