Position of the Week: Take a Seat

by Lovehoney

on Jul 24, 2020

Pull up a pew and enjoy the view – Take a Seat invites you to explore the thrilling combination of power roles and an access-all-areas approach to oral sex.

Position of the Week: Take a Seat


The receiver sits on a chair with their thighs spread. The giver kneels in between their feet and treats the receiving partner with their oral/and or hand-pleasuring skills.


Take a Seat is fantastic for couples looking to explore Dominant and submissive roles during sex, putting the receiving partner in the driving seat of their intimate needs and desires. It also opens up (literally) the receiver and makes bestowing licks, sucks and strokes on them nice and easy, with nothing to get in the way of their mission to please.


If the giving partner is getting into their role of being the submissive, why not take it one step further by (as long as they're keen) handcuffing their wrists to the legs of the chair? This will ensure that they rely solely on their oral tricks as they can't use their hands or fingers to pleasure themselves or their partner.

Make it even better

Introducing a vibrating cock ring with a removable bullet vibrator into the oral equation ups the pleasure ante. The cock ring can be worn by a male receiver or giver to surround his penis and balls with intense sensations, and help keep him nice and hard.

Remove the bullet vibrator from the ring and you have yourselves a toy that can be used by the receiver or giver to stimulate the clitoris, tip of the penis or balls, or other sensitive spots such as the nipples.

Not the position for you?

We're working to make sure that everyone is represented on our website, regardless of who you love, so we'll be using a variety of gender depictions in our Position of the Week posts. This will include straight, gay, lesbian, and gender neutral couples, but all positions will have details in the description of how to make them work for your own relationship dynamic.


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Originally published on Jul 24, 2020. Updated on Jan 14, 2021