Interview: Learn About Prostate Pleasure with Lucas Brooks for PROvember

Interview: Learn About Prostate Pleasure with Lucas Brooks for PROvember

by Krista

on Nov 9, 2015

Lucas Brooks ProvemberNovember has arrived. Are you seeing baby mustaches everywhere you look? Yes, it's MOvember which means it's PROvember too!

The brainchild of Lucas Brooks, PROvember is a sexual health and pleasure focused project inspired by the MOvember movement, which began back in 2003. Since then, it's been prompting mustaches and bringing attention to prostate and testicular cancers and health concerns.

As a seasoned sex educator, Lucas wondered, "How many of these men actually know how to care for their prostates? The methods are quite easy, and often quite pleasurable! It makes me sad to see prostates neglected." You know here at Lovehoney we couldn't agree more.

I got in touch with Lucas to find out how we can help spread the word. Do you know how pleasurable taking care of your prostate can be? Read our interview below and check out some of Lucas' top prostate toy recommendations to try for yourself:


Krista: Can you tell us what PROvember is all about?

Lucas: PROvember is a campaign that I started a few years ago, piggybacking on the MOvember movement, that dedicates the month of November to celebrating prostate pleasure and health. It started with me sharing a bunch of my favorite prostate toys and sharing tips on my blog on how to please the P-spot, and now I’m trying to make it a more collaborative event by getting other bloggers and educators to share their tips and stories.

How is it different to Movember?

PROvember is intended to be an extension of MOvember. A ‘booster pack,’ if you will. I think MOvember is a terrific campaign, but I’ve seen a lot of people participating in a very… lackadaisical way. I see a lot of talk about ‘awareness’, but not a lot of education on the matter. Knowing a problem exists doesn’t necessarily help prevent it. I just want to take that awareness a couple steps forward.

What are some things people with prostates can do to keep themselves healthy?

Regular prostate massage has been shown to reduce risk for prostate cancer. Either using a toy or a finger or two to stimulate the prostate ever so often is going to keep that prostate active. If one isn’t comfortable inserting something into their butt yet, they can massage the perineum (area between anus and genitals) and give it some gentle stimulation from the outside. And any kind of masturbation that leads to ejaculation will make your prostate happy.

Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager

What are your top recommendations for prostate stimulators?

I have so many favorites… But the ones I find myself consistently reaching for would have to be:

What makes a prostate toy different than a regular butt plug or anal toy?

In order to reach the prostate, the toy needs a curve, aimed in the direction of the belly-button. The prostate is located about two inches in, behind the front rectal wall. Anything without that curve is going to skip right past it.

What do you hope to accomplish this PROvember?

If 10 or more men feel inspired to put something in their butt through my campaign, I will feel accomplished. Ideally, this number would be in the hundreds, but I think that’s a little ambitious for where I am in my career as a sex educator. Also, I know that not all prostate-owners are male-identified, but cis-men definitely have the most stigma to battle when it comes to butt stuff. I want to help people stop being afraid of their bodies and what turns them on, and the ass is a commonly unexplored territory…one that I, myself, have had a rocky relationship with. We aren’t accomplishing anything by denying ourselves and each other that kind of pleasure.

About Lucas Brooks

Interview with Lucas BrooksLucas Brooks is a New York CIty-based writer, performance artist, and sex educator. His blog The Intellectual Homosexual (formerly "Top to Bottom") has been named one of the top 100 sex blogs by four different websites and magazines, including and Glamour Brazil. He has spent the last three years touring the continent with his one-man shows "VGL 5'4" Top" and "Cootie Catcher". As a sex educator, he has presented at Dark Odyssey events and Catalyst Con.

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Nov 9, 2015. Updated on Aug 5, 2020