"One of the Cutest Sex Toys" - October Review of the Month

"One of the Cutest Sex Toys" - October Review of the Month

by Jess

on Nov 11, 2014

Sqweel Go wins Lovehoney review of the month

It's time to announce the Review of the Month for October - and what a month it was! With plenty of new products and customer favourites being reviewed, it was tough to choose just one winner.

However, we're delighted to award user Cornish89 $150 to spend at Lovehoney.com. Her review of the new Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator was both interesting and informative.

While she started out as a sceptic, the fantastic Sqweel Go soon changed her mind.

"I was so excited to try out this toy as I love receiving oral sex but I'm one of those women who normally takes a long time to orgasm. My partner was as excited as me I think as he was hoping it meant he wouldn't get repetitive strain injury in his tongue!" Read the entire review by Cornish89.

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We've also picked runners up to receive 2,000 Oh! Points each. Read on to find out if you were one of the lucky ones…

We chose 3 runners up this month to receive 2,000 Oh! Points each. Want to give them a run for their money? Submit your review now to be in with a chance to win in November!

Runners Up

5mil's review of Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator

"The fact that this item has gathered over 50 reviews should tell you that it is something special. I've waited some months before reviewing it as I don't know what else I could add that hasn't already been said about it; but put it like this - if you have been thinking about it don't wait any longer and buy one! Quite simply, there is nothing else remotely like it and the sensations it produces in the realm of male toys. This baby could get an orgasm out of a stone."

Coquette Wet Look Zipper Booty Pantypeacelilygirl's review of Coquette Wet Look Zipper Booty Panty

"As opposed to other 'wet look' items I have bought, the attention to form and fit has been clearly taken into consideration with these babies. They come with suspender loops and their own little hanger, which is a nice touch. I've seen many similar things delivered in just a little plastic bag and a printout photo.

The fabric is very flattering and the best piece of 'wet look' I own. If you're scared of cellulite being obvious through this kind of fabric - don't be. I was very surprised at how flattering wet look can be. An excellent substitution to latex or pvc without the dressing aid, sweat, swearing and polishing"

rotgirlrot's review of Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta Under The Bed Restraint Gear

"Arriving in an unassuming polythene bag (with my usual Bondage Boutique loyalty stickers, can't wait for my free spanker!), this really just looks like a bunch of straps. Emptied out onto the bed, however, the picture becomes clearer. Four padded Velcro wrist/ankle cuffs, and a strap-based restraint system to slide under the mattress and adjust accordingly. What could be simpler?"

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Nov 11, 2014. Updated on Aug 27, 2020