10 Essential Products for Sexual Happiness

by Jess

on Apr 15, 2019

Sexual happiness. Intimate self-care. Arousing meditation.

Whatever you want to call it, taking care of your sex life is important.

What is sexual happiness, exactly? Well, it can mean different things to different people, but at its core, sexual happiness is ensuring you have the sex YOU want to have, and making it as enjoyable as possible.

For those of you who want to enhance your sex, whether that's alone or with a partner, here are our top 10 essential accessories for sexual happiness.

Think we missed one? Add your top sexual self-care product in the comments below.

All Round Sexual Happiness...

  1. 1. Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 8.5 fl. oz

    Lovehoney Water-Based Lube

    Is this the best sexual happiness accessory money can buy? We certainly think so (we didn't call it 'enjoy' for nothing, after all!)

    What makes it so darn enjoyable? Well, it's body-friendly, sex toy-friendly, vegan-friendly, latex condom-friendly and all-gender-friendly... and that's a lot of friendly!

    Using lube during intimate play, whether you play alone or with a partner, with toys or without, enhances glide, reduces friction and can help you enjoy sexual stimulation for longer. Plus, it makes each and every stroke feel amazing.

    No matter which bits you have in your underpants or how you like you play, if there is one sexy accessory you add to your bedside drawer, it should absolutely be a sex lubricant. Fact.

Sensual Sexual Happiness...

  1. 2. Lovehoney Oh! Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

    Lovehoney Oh! Sex Bomb Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb

    A 2-in-1 treat for a self-care session with extra pleasure, this skin-nourishing bath bomb contains a sexy surprise that puts the 'blast' in fingerblast!

    Don't fancy a finger vibe? We stock a cock ring bath bomb, too!

  2. 3. Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand

    Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Metallic Massage Wand Vibrator

    Good things come in small packages, and this mini version of the massage wand is no exception.

    With 17 vibration modes and a broad silicone head, it's perfect for easing all sorts of tension, from muscle to sexual. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

  3. 4. Tracey Cox Supersex Massage Oil

    Tracey Cox Supersex Massage Oil 100ml

    You know what always enhances a massage? Massage oil.

    Made with skin-nourishing natural ingredients and fragranced with patchouli, this oil assists glide for satisfying massage, and leaves you feeling (and smelling) gorgeous!

Solo Sexual Happiness...

  1. 5. Womanizer Duo G-Spot & Clit Stimulator

    Womanizer Red Duo Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

    What could be more sexually happy than an effortless orgasm?

    Now with an insertable G-spot shaft to complement Womanizer's patented clitoral suction feature, the Duo does it all for you. Simply position your toy, lie back and wait for the fireworks to begin.

  2. 6. Mantric Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug

    Mantric Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug

    Sexual happiness involves exploring your body. Discover thrilling anal pleasure with this luxury silicone butt plug that's suited to all genders.

    Boasting a powerful, whisper-quiet motor and ergonomic design, enjoy super-comfy wear and thrilling internal vibrations.

  3. 7. BASICS Neutral Beaded Male Stroker

    BASICS Neutral Beaded Male Stroker

    Hand jobs are a great way to take care of your sexual happiness, and now you can make your hand jobs even better with this stretchy stroker.

    The equivalent of adding ketchup to your chips, this simple masturbator enhances every stroke with beads and textures for extra 'flavour'.

Sharing Sexual Happiness...

  1. 8. Bondage Boutique Blindfold

    Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Candle

    One way to instantly enhance pleasure during couple's play is for one of you to wear a blindfold.

    For the wearer, it enhances sensitivity, making every touch tingle and arouse, and for the giver it removes the feeling of being watched, which can boost confidence and encourage experimentation.

  2. 9. Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex

    Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

    It's easy to slip into a routine when it comes to couple's sex, which can make it tricky to expand your sexual happiness horizons.

    Keep things interesting and discover new ways to play with this 30 Days of Hot Sex Calendar. Open one window a day for a month, or spread it out over a year for 12 months of spontaneous sexing.

  3. 10. Tracey Cox Sex Position Card Deck

    Tracey Cox Supersex Sex Position Card Deck

    Knowledge is power, and if there's one thing that is bound to keep your sex life sexually happy, it's research and experimentation.

    By renowned sexpert, Tracey Cox, this deck of cards is packed with sex positions, tips and ideas for heterosexual couple's play.

    The more you know!


Written by Jess.

Originally published on Apr 15, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020