Sex Education: 7 Mantras To Get You More

Sex Education: 7 Mantras To Get You More

by Krista

on Jun 22, 2014

More Sex EducationHappy Adult Sex Education Month! How are you celebrating?

Why not learn some new moves (Learn How to Squirt), or read up on some interesting fetishes (Intro to Rope Bondage)? Or maybe you'll take the time to practice a new skill, try some new positions, or increase your sexual communication?

Sometimes it seems like sex rules the world, and it's often our main motivation. Getting better at sex, and having more pleasurable sexual encounters just makes life better. For true sexual happiness, you can't get too much sex education.

The more you know, the more you can use your powers for pleasure. We challenge you to open your minds and acquire some new sexual knowledge inspired by this post.

Here are 7 things to consider for improved sexual pleasure. Let #AdultSexEdMonth inspire you to step your game up and be a better lover and companion, you're worth it!

Sex education is important at any age, unfortunately the sex ed many of us received when we were young was terribly inadequate. Now that we're grown, we realize we want more.

Important aspects of sex education include: consent, exploration, and techniques for more pleasure. Our goal at Lovehoney is to help all of you find sexual happiness, which means something different for every individual. Learn about your own body and your partner's too and get even better at receiving and giving pleasure. Here are 7 simple things you can do right now:

There's always more to learn when it comes to sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Follow along with #AdultSexEdMonth, talk sex on a forum and take some time to open your mind to the possibilities of the your best sex life now!

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Jun 22, 2014. Updated on Aug 5, 2020