Sex on Netflix: Where in the world is Netflix the steamiest?

by Lovehoney

on Sep 21, 2021

Lovehoney has discovered which countries most love to watch sexy content on Netflix...

Netflix shows with sex

If you’ve got Netflix, you’ve no doubt cast a curious eye at the steamier, nudity-packed TV shows and movies that the service has to offer, and which often appear in the most-watched section of the site. Even those short, tantalizing previews can be enough to get someone hot under the collar and entice them over to the naughtier side of streaming.

But have you ever wondered where in the world people Netflix and chill with the sexiest content the most? Using data on Netflix libraries around the world, we set out on a quest to answer that question, and also discover the highest-rated steamy TV shows and movies you can stream in the US right now.

Which countries watch the most sex on Netflix?

We began our analysis by searching for the most popular Netflix TV shows and movies in each OECD country, according to how often they’ve appeared in weekly most-watched lists over the last year. Of those shows and movies, we highlighted the ones that were rated either ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’ for sex and nudity on IMDb.

We discovered that Turkey takes the crown in our ranking of the countries that most like to watch sexy content on Netflix. Per 100 of the most popular shows and movies on Turkey’s Netflix library, 37.6 contain sex and nudity that is rated ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’. The US ranks 23rd out of the OECD countries in our analysis.

Sexy Netflix shows

The highest-rated sexy shows and films on Netflix US

We went back to IMDb to find out which of Netflix US’s steamy shows and movies are also the highest-rated by IMDb users. Of the content categorized by the streaming service as either ‘steamy’, ‘intimate’, or ’romantic’, sci-fi drama Sense8 takes the top spot with an IMDb rating of 8.3.

Sexy Netflix shows

Which countries have the sexiest Netflix catalog?

Netflix libraries differ depending on where you live in the world, so where should you go if you want to stream the sexiest TV shows and movies? As it turns out, Austria and Finland both top our ranking: per 100 shows and movies on their respective Netflix libraries, 29.2 are categorized as ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’ when it comes to sex and nudity. The US doesn’t make our top 10 list - it instead ranks 19th out of the OECD countries in our analysis.

Sexy Netflix shows

So, there you have it - wherever you live in the world, it seems there’s a good chance that someone near you is wandering over to the steamier side of streaming. So, go forth and Netflix and chill with the sexiest movie and TV catalogs - you’re in good company!


Our analysis only considers OECD countries. In total, we analyzed 14,384 TV shows and movies and their sex and nudity ratings on IMDb.

We used Flixwatch to find the TV shows and films available on each country’s Netflix catalog as of September 2021.

We counted ‘sexy’ titles as those which were rated as either ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’ for sex and nudity on IMDb.

We used Flixpatrol to find the most-viewed ‘sexy’ titles on each country’s Netflix service for every week between September 2020 and September 2021.

To find the highest-rated ‘sexy’ titles available on Netflix US (as of September 2021), we looked up the IMDb ratings of available titles that were labeled by Netflix as either ‘steamy’, ‘intimate’, or ‘romantic’.


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Originally published on Sep 21, 2021. Updated on Sep 22, 2021