Your Guide to Getting Wild This Valentine's Day Whatever Your Relationship Status

by Cailin

on Jan 9, 2022

From friends-with-benefits to 50-year marriages, Valentine’s Day is a time for showing your lover(s), mates and yourself how damn fine you think they are—here’s how.

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Love is in the air come Valentine’s Day and in our humble opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a little bit of extra special lovin’ - extra special sexual lovin’.

Making it extra special on the day of love can sometimes be tricky though. How are you going to up the ante? Will you try something completely new? Are there things you can bring into the bedroom to shake things up and make it the best year yet? Of course there are. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, sex toys and lingerie are your friends.

Whether you’re gifting a lover with a new toy (or their first) or finding something fabulous for yourself, we have all the best tips, tricks and gifts for a fun and frisky Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status.


Getting wild on February 14th isn’t reserved solely for those who are coupled up. Take the time to romance yourself with whatever self-lovin looks like to you.

This could be drinking wine and making good use of your favourite massage wand, having a bath with an erotic novel, podcast or film or locking yourself in your room for an all out ménage à moi. Use this time to explore your body and discover different ways to find pleasure on your own.

Seeking a mind-blowing big O? Try edging by slowly building up stimulation and stopping right before you feel close to climax, let your body calm down and repeat. Maybe you might delve into the backdoor domain with some anal masturbation? Whatever you choose, enjoy the freedom of doing it at your own pace and entirely for your pleasure.

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If you’re both ones to celebrate—or even if you’re not—Valentine’s Day is a hot opportunity to spice things up when you’re married.

By now you probably know your other half pretty well (we hope) but how much have you spoken to each other about your fantasies? Exploring sexual fantasies together as a couple in an open and supportive way can help you feel empowered as an individual and closer to each other in your relationship.

A fantasy can be anything from having sex in a public space to trying out different types of BDSM play or even something as simple as bringing a toy into the bedroom. Open up the discussion with your partner and if you’re both up for trying one of their fantasies or yours, then make plans to go for it on Valentine’s Day.

The best part about this plan? It takes all the guesswork out of what sexy gift you should give your beloved. Are they wanting to get into more bondage with you? A bondage kit will go down a treat. Do their fantasies involve role play? Check out our range of costumes to help you both get into character.

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At this point in your relationship, any excuse for showing your partner how much you love them is a good one. Our recommendation? Show them how much you love to get down and dirty with them.

February 14th falls on a Monday this year so if you’re working, use being apart to your advantage by instigating some cheeky sexting. Build anticipation while you’re apart so by the time you see each other, you’ll be more than ready to rip each other’s clothes off.

If you’re working from home, resist the temptation to take an active lunch break (if you know what we mean) and wait until the working day is finished to ravish your partner. For an extra surprise, have a spicy new lingerie set or mesh underwear on already under your clothes.

If you’re feeling extra frisky, consider taking a sensual or nude picture of yourself to gift your beloved. One they can look back on when you’re both old and grey and are reminiscing on your early years of marriage—cute and sexy.

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Friends with Benefits

Gifting a f*ck buddy anything is one of those things which can open up a can of worms and potentially complicate what is ideally, an uncomplicated relationship. That being said, there are ways to treat your lover to something nice on Valentine’s Day without confusing anyone or catching feels.

If giving head is a normal part of your sexual repertoire with this person, try adding in a new (but affordable) toy while you’re going to town on them to elevate the experience. The Lovehoney Head Master Vibrating Blow Job Stroker is a toy designed specifically for use on a penis when it is receiving oral sex. For vulvas, try a slim G-spot vibe like this Fifty Shades of Grey one which you can use internally while your mouth does the work externally.

If you’re feeling generous, let them have the cheap and cheerful toy or hold on to it for yourself—you’ll know if they want you to use it on them again. For casual partners, we recommend using a condom or a dental dam when using your toys to decrease the risk of infection.

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Depending on your idea of romance, you and your S.O. could be spending the night out on the town or at home cuddled up on the couch. For any activity, setting time aside to bring some erotic fun to the table with a game is an A+ time.

Kinky confessional games like the Lovehoney Fantasy Foreplay Board Game or Talk Dirty Cards are excellent ways to flirt up your night with conversations, actions and questions about sex, relationships and kinks. Whether you’re new lovers or long-term partners, you’ll probably both learn things about each other you never knew, inspiring you to try new things in the bedroom and find out more about what gets you off.

Even if you already know everything there it to know about each other in the bedroom (unlikely but okay), all that talk of sex and foreplay will have you ready and rearing to dance the mattress mambo.

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Long distance

Celebrating the day of love when you can’t be with your loved one can be hard but we are living in the 21st century and with it comes virtual sex.

Now, we’re sure if you’ve been in a long distance relationship for a while you’ll know the joys of phone sex but there’s really only so much creativity you can do on yourself with your hands while focussing on whispering sweet nothings down the phone too. Here’s where an app-controlled toy comes in handy.

With most app-controlled toys able to connect to any up-to-date phone, you can control the speed, pattern and intensity of the vibrations for your lover from afar.

Do they have a clitoris and are they going to be out with their friends for the night? The Moxie We-Vibe Knicker Vibrator will have them thinking about you the whole time. Want to get involved with your fave penis-owner’s pleasure? Have them use the Lovense Max 2 on themselves while you choose the vibration settings and whisper dirty talk in their ear or if you’re up for it, even giving them a show over video call (you sexy thing, you).

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Written by Cailin. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Cailin is Lovehoney Australia's in-house content queen and loves to talk sex positivity, positions and possibly panties from time to time. And no, she still can't believe she gets to write about sex and dildos for a living.

Originally published on Jan 9, 2022. Updated on Jan 10, 2022