6 Social Media Commandments for Sex Blogging Success

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on Feb 23, 2016

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Do you Tweet? Spend a good amount of time on Facebook or Instagram? Love sex toys? Maybe you have an affiliate sex blog or Tumblr where you reblog all the sex toy giveaways?

Turn that hobby into a career by taking the Business of Blogging About Sex, an online sex blogging course from expert sex bloggers Epiphora and JoEllen Notte, which is now open for enrollment in several formats: a group class, an independent study, and individual lessons.

In Epiphora and JoEllen's combined decade of blogging experience, they've seen a lot of social media successes and snafus. Here are their top 3 dos and 3 don'ts for sex blogging social media success. Sign up for the full class to get the rest, plus how to set up your site, pinpoint your niche, publish captivating content, obtain products for review, build a loyal following, and much more.

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Maintaining a consistent and engaging social media presence is a huge part of being a successful blogger. But how, exactly, do you cultivate such a thing?


1. Make smart choices about what you post. This is the golden rule. Are you saying something controversial? Something that could be taken out of context? Is it worth the potential backlash? Are you willing to defend it, or are you going to regret it?

2. Stay on brand, whatever that means for you. For Oh Joy Sex Toy that means sharing fun content based on comics made by Erika Moen and her friends. For JoEllen, aka the Redhead Bedhead, that means talking about sex positivity, sex toy shopping, sex and depression and pix of her gorgeous red hair. For Sunny Megatron that means incorporating kink, clowns, video and new media like Periscope into the mix. And for Epiphora that means always keeping it real.

3. Promote yourself! Seriously, it's okay. That's part of what social media is for. Just make sure your content is intriguing enough that folks will want to not just read it, but share it.


1. Buy your followers. This costs you so much more than the money you'd put into it - it costs you your integrity. Besides, the kind of people these services acquire for you aren't the people who matter - they won't engage with you, they won't listen to you, and they won't translate into website traffic.

2. Indiscriminately share anything and everything involving "sex". Some folks do this and it quickly becomes clear that they aren't reading the content, they are just thinking "sex, that's me!". It can result in sharing things that run counter to what you believe, e.g. otherwise reasonable people sharing pieces about "8 Sex Positions To Make Her Scream With Pleasure Every Time!".

3. Whine. Things go wrong sometimes in life. We get it. But unless you can make a funny story out of it, your followers don't need to know that they were out of your favorite syrup at Starbucks or that you just got in a huge fight with your partner. If your feeds are full of rants, negativity, and complaining, companies will not want to work with you, and readers will not be compelled to follow you. Rant privately to your friends about stuff like this, and leave it off your blogging persona.

…and that's just the beginning!

Business of Blogging

To learn more about becoming a social media master and badass blogger, enroll in The Business of Blogging About Sex now. Remember, you can get $10 off any purchase with code LOVEHONEY.

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