Sextrology: Your Sexy Horoscope Revealed!

Sextrology: Your Sexy Horoscope Revealed!

by Krista

on Dec 31, 2014

Sextrology Inspired Gift Ideas

Astrology often fascinates many of us. Whether you read your horoscope every few weeks or know almost every one of your friend's birthdays and signs, it's natural to be inquisitive about the stars.

Do you wonder about the sign of your prospective dates? Or do you read both you and your partner's horoscopes regularly?

At Lovehoney we love crunching numbers, checking out data and surveying our customers to out what makes them tick, so we decided to investigate the correlation between star-gazing and love-making (with your help!) Read on to find out what we found out from our survey data and also customer purchasing info.

We've even gone further and matched up your sign with the perfect toys to make holiday shopping a cinch - just pick up an inspired gift for yourself or your sweetheart based on the recommendations below.

Let us know if these horoscopes resonate with you in the comments below, or tell us: what's your sign?

  1. Pisces give lots of foreplay.

    Natural born givers, Pisces will often forsake their own pleasure for others by giving lots of foreplay, and aftercare. A gentle lover, Pisceans may be shy or overly empathetic.

    Star Buys: Pisces are most like to buy penis pumps, and might want to try a cock ring with that. They're least likely to buy bondage rope.

  2. Aries lovers are all about the chase!

    Aries are all about the chase. Sex without a challenge involved becomes boring, and they can be in too much of a hurry and neglect foreplay. Direct and no-nonsense, Ariens are less intimate than other signs and aren’t always cuddlers.

    Star Buys: They love to buy luxury toys! Most likely to buy bondage kits and whips.

  3. Taureans will happily spend all day in bed.

    Taureans like to take time when making love and will happily spend all day in bed. They may be the pillow princesses of the bunch, but once they get into it they're focused… A quickie won't cut it.

    Star Buys: Taureans enjoys beauty and luxury, so sexy lingerie is the perfect gift. Least likely to buy anal dildos.

  1. Gemini's clever tongues make them great at talking dirty.

    To Geminis, sex is fun! There is often lots of giggling - and sex doesn’t have to mean love. They are super-playful, and don't like to take things too seriously. Having clever tongues making them great at talking dirty!

    Star Buys: Geminis also tend to enjoy anal play and most have tried a bit of playful soft bondage.

  2. To Cancer, sex is a sensual and sacred act.

    To Cancerians, sex is a sensual and sacred act. Unlikely to give it up on a first date, Cancerians need a strong emotional connection for sex. They are also incredibly faithful and emotionally committed and enjoy taking control.

    Star Buys: Intense and a bit emotional, Cancerians generally enjoy a bit of bondage and anal play with the right partner.

  3. Leos make playful lovers.

    Leos make playful lovers and enjoy being the center of attention. Always looking out for number one, Leos will quickly discard a lover who does not treat them well. Leos are proud and love to hear/see the results of their efforts - so be vocal!

    Star Buys: Leo would love to dress up and perform in a sexy costume, male Leos enjoy standing tall in an attractive cock ring.

  1. Virgos can become obsessed with technical details of lovemaking.

    Virgos are perfectionists in all areas of life, and can become focused on the more technical details of lovemaking. Precise about what they want and enjoy, they don’t like surprises. Virgos like to focus on others to cover up their own insecurities.

    Star Buys: Not interested in anal play, Virgos would prefer to put on a sexy outfit or put their partner into some light bondage.

  2. For Librans, sex is about sharing.

    For Libras, sex is about sharing and connecting. They enjoy finding balance with an ‘opposite’ in the bedroom. Libras can be extremely charming and the art of seduction comes naturally to them. They always want to keep the peace and don't like to upset others.

    Star Buys: Libras might like to pick up a flogger or grab a feather tickler and put on a French maid outfit.

  3. Scorpios have a tendency to be quite kinky.

    Lovers of the erotic, Scorpios are intense, emotional and passionate and highly mysterious. They have a tendency to be quite kinky - and aren’t afraid to ask for what they want! Scorpios can sometimes be jealous, but they are the most emotionally strong of all signs.

    Star Buys: Scorpio are most likely to read and believe their horoscopes. They also tend to enjoy light bondage. Try a blindfold to get things going.

  1. Sagittarians are notoriously difficult to seduce.

    Sagittarians enjoy playing hard to get, and are notoriously difficult to seduce. They are highly curious about what works and will ask a lover lots of questions about what feels good to them. Sagittarians can be a bit restless with lots of energy and enjoy an intense quickie, but have the least frequent sex overall.

    Star Buys: Dress up your Sag in a sexy costume or light a massage candle to set the mood.

  2. Capricorns like to plan their lovemaking and set the mood.

    Capricorns like structure and enjoy planning their rendezvous to really set the mood. They make the most of every moment and pride themselves on being thorough lovers. Natural goal setters, Capricorns love structure, although this doesn’t mean they’re adverse to a bit of healthy experimentation!

    Star Buys: They often enjoy strap-on play and are most likely to buy naughty nurse costumes.

  3. Aquarius dislikes routine and likes to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

    Aquarians dislike routine, and like to keep things exciting and spontaneous. Light-hearted even in the bedroom, they want to enjoy sex on another level and are often after more than just personal pleasure. Although they can be very stubborn, sex is about having a great time for everyone involved.

    Star Buys: Pick up a high tech or luxury sex toy like the We-Vibe 4 Plus for your Aquarian lover.

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Dec 31, 2014. Updated on Aug 5, 2020