Traveling with Sex Toys - Top Tips from Lovehoney Staff!

by Lovehoney

on Aug 1, 2013

Travelling with sex toys - advice from Lovehoney staff

Whether you're jetting off on a business trip, luxurious holiday or romantic weekend away, there's no reason why your favorite Sex Toys shouldn't come with you.

While you may not be able to fit one of our Large Dildos in your hand luggage, a discreet Bullet Vibrator or Cock Ring is perfect for taking on holidays with you.

From conferences to trade shows, here at Lovehoney we're no strangers to traveling with sex toys!

Having built up an impressive amount of air miles between us, some Lovehoney staffers have contributed their top tips for worry-free travel.

Check out our best advice for traveling with sex toys below, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

Krista, Blogger and Social Media Whizz

Krista Travel Tips"If you’re flying with big or hard toys, like njoy dildos or a Doxy Massager for example, I recommend checking these items in your luggage. If you plan to only have a carry-on, be prepared to clearly explain what the items are. i.e. “I have a large metal sex toy in my bag.” This will help the process go much more quickly.

When confronted by TSA don’t be vague, that looks suspicious and may delay your screening. Put toys in clear plastic bags labelled “gigantic dildo” etc. When they open your bag they will be able to see the item and won’t need to touch or remove them. Be prepared to receive a notice that your bag has been searched.

TSA are just as curious and nosey as everyone else it seems."

Gemma, Lingerie Category Manager

gemma pestel advice

"With lingerie it's important to travel light; a steel boned corset will take up your baggage allowance, so choose a style that's lightweight and easy to fold - satin and lace are the perfect materials.

I would recommend Lovehoney Lingerie's Black Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking There's something wonderful about a lingerie set that you can scrunch up into your suitcase and it still be ready to wear at the other end. The Lovehoney Fishnet & Lace Bodystocking does just this and, not only that, it gives you a seriously sexy and flattering lingerie look in an instant!

The gorgeous style is also available in plus size. If the style doesn't appeal to you, there are loads of bodystockings to choose from. There are even ones with long sleeves if you're after something a bit more snug for a winter getaway. "

Chelsea, Customer Care Advisor

Chelsea customer care"The Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator is extremely nifty for pleasure on the go as it is small and sweet and easy to place into the secret compartment of your handbag! If you place it so it is facing with the head down, any quick glances at security check could easily mistake it for a lipstick.

My top tip would be to ensure the attachments and batteries are also packed in a separate pocket as I had a very bizarre experience walking through a park in Dublin with a random buzzing emitting from my carry on! After doing the classic 'kneel down and rummage through your bag to identify the noisy object' scenario.. let's just say my toy was not the only thing blushing pink!"

Matt, E-Commerce Manager

matt curry sex toy advice"If you're traveling with a battery-operated sex toy, always remove the batteries before you pack to ensure there's no chance to it going off unexpectedly in your luggage.

If your vibrator is rechargeable it's a bit more difficult - but you'll find lots of luxury toys are designed with travel in mind. In particular, Lelo vibrators all feature a secure travel lock function to ensure they don't start buzzing in your bag.

Alternatively, why not take advantage of Lovehoney's fantastic Shipping Rates and get products delivered directly to your hotel? That takes the hassle out of packing them, and our Discreet Packaging means nobody will be any the wiser!"

Lucy, PR Executive

LucyTravelTips"My tip would be to keep a pot of Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm in your handbag/travel bag.

The packaging is really inconspicuous and and it looks just like a pretty lip-balm, so no issues going through security or if your bag gets searched somewhere along the way.

Even if someone opened it, it's actually not dissimilar to Vicks in smell or texture. It's so discreet you can easily nip off to the bathroom and give yourself a head start on the holiday pleasure. Apply before your transfer to your hotel - by the time you check in you'll be desperate to kick off the holiday romance!"

Nicole, Blogger and Editor

Nicole travel tips"I think lube is the key to a good sex life, but with liquid restrictions and lack of space, it can be really inconvenient to carry around a bottle of your favourite lubricant while travelling.

I recommend investing in some ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant 2.2 fl. oz. This multi-purpose lube is great for using with toys or a partner.

You can slip it into your handbag or suitcase, and take it through security with your other liquids."

Bonny, Head Buyer

Bonny travel tips"If I'm travelling for a weekend away then I like to take a take a small discreet rechargeable toy like the Lovehoney Flash Rechargeable Mini Vibrator. It's a USB powered mini vibe so you can charge it from your laptop or with a USB adapter plug which I'm taking for my iPad anyway.

So that the vibrator doesn't go off in your bag you can also take the two parts apart and store them separately in your hand luggage.

The base actually looks like a memory stick so no embarrassment if your bag is checked and the tip is made of silicone and plastic so will never be picked up as threatening on an airport scanner!"

Annabelle Knight, Lovehoney TV Presenter

Annabelle Knight shares her tips for travelling with sex toys"With luggage allowances decreasing rapidly, every ounce counts! If you're taking a toy away with you, go for light and discreet.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is perfect. Pocket-sized and powerful, this tiny toy will certainly ensure you have fun in the sun!"

Annabelle Knight is Lovehoney's resident sexpert and presenter. You can see her on Lovehoney TV or visit her >website (

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