Looking for a Sexy Holiday Gift for Him? Our Simple Quiz Makes it Easy and Fun

Looking for a Sexy Holiday Gift for Him? Our Simple Quiz Makes it Easy and Fun

by Lovehoney

on Dec 2, 2025

What Should You Get Him for Christmas? QuizHey girl, you might be familiar with all the awesome sex toys that ladies love, maybe it's time to show your man what all the fuss is about…

Holiday gift giving is a great opportunity to introduce him to sex toys designed with man parts in mind. If your sweetie is open minded and curious, a calculated gift is a great way to introduce him to his favorite new sex accessory.

With so many male sex toys to choose from, it's important to educate yourself about the options.

After facilitating millions of sexy purchases and more than 120,000 product reviews we've figured out the products people love and used our in-depth knowledge to create this quiz, making it simple and fun to shop for him.

Your answers to 7 multiple choice questions lead to our inspired suggestion. Each result is a top-rated and highly recommended gifts that you can buy with confidence. Check out our unprecedented 365 day return policy for more info.

Make sure your guy doesn't already have the recommended item and feel free to retake the quiz for alternative options.

Still not sure what to buy him after taking the quiz? Visit Lovehoney's Christmas Gifts For Him shop for tons more inspiration and some wonderful cash saving offers.


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Originally published on Dec 2, 2025. Updated on Aug 5, 2020