Sex Bucket List: 7 Sexy Things for Men to Try in 2019

by Jess

on Jan 7, 2019


Resolutions schmesolutions. Who even keeps them anyway?

A sexy bucket list, on the other hand, sounds much better, don't you think?

To help you kick of the new year with the best bang, here are our top 7 best sexy things we think people with a penis have missed out on in 2018, and might like to try in 2019.

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1. Pimp Your Sex Toy

Bored of your favourite stroker?

Or perhaps you have a toy that so almost works for you... but not quite.

Don't give up just yet! Did you know you can easily tailor your sex toys for custom pleasure?

Make your stroker tighter by wrapping a cock ring (or two) around it, or slip a bullet vibe into the base of your favourite toy for buzzy bliss.

Top tip: Got a magic wand? Pick up the Power-gasm Attachment to transform your sleeve into a powerhouse penis vibe!

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male lingerie

2. A Menagerie of Man-gerie 

Lingerie for men is too often overlooked. Get yourself some sexy smalls and feel sexier than Steve Tyler in a snap.

Men's lingerie comes in a range of styles that are often based on everyday underwear shapes, but finished in close-fitting sensual fabrics that feel amazing against the skin and flatter your butt best bits.

Discover new super-soft materials like sheer mesh, satin, microfibre, lace and more, that not only feel amazing against your skin, but under your partner's fingertips, too.

Top tip: Brand new to men's lingerie? Opt for a style that's close to what you'd usually wear.

Usually a boxer-brief guy? Or maybe you like trunks? Choose that same style so you know you'll be comfy, but go for a fabric you think you'll enjoy the feel and look of.

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3. Stop Neglecting Those Nips!

For some reason, a lot of guys forget about their nipples. It's almost like you forget you have them when it comes to sex!

These small-yet-sensitive pleasure buttons are loaded with nerve endings that can bring immense pleasure to solo and couples play.

Directly linked to the part of your brain that produces oxytocin (one of the vital ingredients for orgasm), playing with your nipples awakens your body and mind for enhanced arousal and fast-tracked orgasms.

Top tip: Men's nipples are often smaller than women's. Using a nipple sucker before play can help engorge them, and make them larger and more sensitive.

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4. Dickin' Up Good Vibrations

Most toys for a penis are designed to simulate sex with up-and-down strokes. That's cool and all, but at Lovehoney we think variety is best, so why not try a penis vibe?

Discovering multiple ways of reaching orgasm is one of the best things you can do to protect your sex life long term.

Learning more than one way to climax means that, if in the future, one method stops working for you, you always have another to fall back on.

Not to mention, it's pretty fun teaching yourself new ways to play!

Top tip: Jazz up hand jobs by adding vibes to the mix. A vibrating cock ring or penis vibrator is the perfect choice!

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5. Solo Anal Play

Speaking of many ways to climax, don't forget your butt!

Why is butt fun so great for people with a penis? Well, the anus is not only super-sensitive to touch, but for those with a penis, the super-sensitive prostate is most easily stimulated this way.

Also known as the 'P-Spot', the prostate is often nicknamed 'the male G-spot' for its orgasm-inducing potential.

Anal toys can intensify penis play or even offer hands-free orgasms with practice, and exploring solo anal play is a great way to enhance masturbation, and get to know your body.

Top tip: Wear a set of beginner's anal beads while you play.

Just as you get to the brink of climax, slowly remove the anal beads for a seriously intensified release.

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6. Wear a Sex Toy in Public

Wearing a sex toy while out of the house can be extremely arousing.

Not only do you benefit from direct erotic stimulation, but the added psychological thrill of your sexy secret does miracles for turning your brain on, too.

In today's market, there are tons of wearable sex toys to try, from butt plugs and cock rings, to prostate massagers and ball weights.

Top tip: For first-time public play, we recommend trying a non-vibrating butt plug or P-spot massager.

They're silent, create pin-point stimulation, and can often be controlled with a simple clench of the bumcheeks!

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7. Weekly Sex Classes!

One of our mantras at Lovehoney is:
"You can never know enough about sex".

(And the longer I work here, the more I realise how true that statement is!)

Even us sexperts learn something new about sex every day.

Boost your sex life and enjoy it to its fullest by learning something new about sex every week.

Top tip: Subscribe to the Lovehoney YouTube channel for new sex ed videos every Friday!

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Jan 7, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020