Sex Bucket List: 7 Sexy Things for Women to Try in 2019

by Jess

on Jan 7, 2019


Resolutions schmesolutions. Who even keeps them anyway?

A sexy bucket list, on the other hand, sounds much better, don't you think?

To help you kick of the new year with the best bang, here are our top 7 best sexy things we think people with a vulva have missed out on in 2018, and might like to try in 2019.

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1. Stop Neglecting Those Nips!

Nipples: AKA your secret arousal buttons.

These small-but-sensitive niblets are a sure-fire way to get your brain and body in gear for sensational pleasure.

Directly linked to the part of your brain that produces oxytocin (one of the vital ingredients for orgasm), playing with your nipples awakens your body and mind for enhanced arousal and fast-tracked orgasms.

Plus, around 1% of people can climax from nipple stimulation alone, and you've got two of them, so get twiddling, people!

Top tip: Stroke a lubed finger or bullet vibe over your nipples while you play with your clitoris for blended bliss!

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2. Pimp Your Sex Toy

Is your favourite sex toy coming to the end of its days?

Or perhaps you have a toy that so almost works for you... but not quite.

Don't give up on Old Yeller yet! Did you know you can easily customise your sex toys for tailored thrills?

Add more girth to your vibe by adding a textured sleeve, or extend your toy's length with a penis extender.

Top tip: Slip a vibrating rabbit cock ring over any dildo or classic vibe to transform it into a rabbit vibrator that perfectly fits your anatomy!

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lovehoney lingerie

3. Wear Sexy Lingerie, Just for You

Lingerie isn't just for the onlooker, you know.

Made from gorgeous fabrics that feel amazing against the skin and finished in flattering styles that boost confidence from within, there's no need to wait for a partner to enjoy the delights of sexy lingerie.

Pick some new smalls that are your style, wear them under everyday clothing to put the pep in your step, or hold off until you have a day off and prance around the house in your sexy getup for no one but yourself. Did someone say sexy selfies?

Top tip: Not ready to ditch the granny pants just yet?

The next time you'd usually wear a pair of tights, try choosing stockings and suspenders instead for a soft introduction to daytime lingerie.

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4. Wear a Sex Toy in Public

Wearing a sex toy while out and about can be extremely arousing.

Not only are you enjoying direct erotic stimulation, but the added psychological thrill of holding a sexy secret does wonders for turning your mind on, too.

Nowadays there are loads of wearable sex toys you can try - from butt plugs and knicker vibes, to love eggs and kegel balls.

Top tip: For first-time public play, we recommend trying a set of jiggle balls.

They're silent, create gentle stimulation as you move. and they give you a pelvic floor workout that'll help you achieve stronger orgasms!

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5. Forget Vibrations

Now, don't get us wrong, vibrations are amazing. Obviously.

But women are particularly guilty of overlooking non-vibrating toys and jumping straight to toys like the rabbit vibrator or bullet vibe, thinking that's the only way they can get off, but there are gazillions of ways (give or take) to reach climax, and using one technique alone isn't ideal. Why?

Because variety is the spice of life, and always climaxing via one method is the equivalent of putting all your sexy eggs in one basket: if you drop the basket, you're gonna go hungry.

Learning several ways of orgasming is one of the best things you can do for your sex life. That way, if you drop one of your sexy baskets, you always have another to choose from.

Top tip: Try manual rubbing, pinching and internal massage with a firm glass dildo, like the Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo.

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6. Solo Anal Play

Speaking of many ways to climax, don't forget your butt!

Why is butt fun so great for people with a vulva? Well, while you may not have a prostate up there, we do have a tonne of sensitive nerve endings that feel amazing when stimulated.

Plus, for a lot of women, the key to climax is blended stimulation (when 2 or more areas of the body are stimulated at once), and anal play gives you an extra pleasure zone to add to the mix!

Top tip: Try wearing a small butt plug like the Classic Sillicone Beginner's Plug while you use a dildo or vibrator vaginally.

The butt plug will create blended sensations and help guide the vaginal toy your G-spot, which could help you achieve an internal orgasm.

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7. Weekly Sex Classes!

One of our mantras at Lovehoney is:
"You can never know enough about sex."

(And the longer I work here, the more I realise how true that statement is!)

Even us sexperts learn something new about sex every day.

Boost your sex life and enjoy it to its fullest by learning something new about sex every week.

Top tip: Subscribe to the Lovehoney YouTube channel for new sex ed videos every Friday!

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Jan 7, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020