Find the Right Sexy Teddy For You

Find the Right Sexy Teddy For You

by Lovehoney

on Jul 7, 2016

Lovehoney Captivate Me Wet Look and Lace Wired Body

Incredibly popular in the 1980s and 1990s, teddies and bodysuits have recently seen a resurgence.

Fashion bloggers are tucking them into high-waisted shorts, celebs are flashing them on the red carpet, and tons of stores are once again stocking them on the shelves.

But while the fashion world is going crazy for teddies as outerwear, many of us are still reluctant to wear them as sexy lingerie - a fact that we found curious, as there are some truly stunning bedroom bodysuits out there.

We took to the forums to ask our customers about their reservations when it comes to the all-in-one, and some of the answers we received may surprise you…

Read on below to see the most common bodysuit dilemmas, and our top tips for how to find the perfect one piece for your body.

Teddy Terms: How to Identify Different Types of All-in-One

There are a surprisingly large number of terms for what are, in essence, very similar items of clothing. Knowing the difference in terms can help you more easily identify what look it is that you're going for, as well as what you think would work best for you.

Bodysuits are usually skin-tight, and just cover the torso (and sometimes the arms). You may also know them as "leotards", although that tends to refer to sportswear rather than lingerie.

Teddies are essentially the same as bodysuits in cut and shape, but the term is often used to refer to sexier, more revealing styles that are clearly intended for the bedroom.

Playsuits or rompers are looser-fitting, with shorts built into the design, and are mainly worn as outerwear or sleepwear.

Catsuits, jumpsuits, and bodystockings tend to cover the body from shoulder to ankle, whether it's in the form of conjoined leggings and top (jumpsuits and catsuits), or all-in-one garters, cami, and stockings (bodystockings).

So, now you know what you're looking for - but how do you choose your style?

"My torso's too long, and bodysuits don't fit properly"

Seven til Midnight Kiss of Envy Sheer Lace Teddy Red

Many women that we've spoken to have cited this as a reason that they wouldn't choose an all-in-one as lingerie, whether it's because they're tall, or simply because their proportions are different.

However, there are ways that you still rock a bodysuit when you've got a longer body. Look for styles that tie behind the neck, as these can be easily adjusted to sit lower for an improved fit, such as the Seven til Midnight Kiss of Envy Sheer Lace Teddy.

Alternatively, if halterneck isn't your thing, bodysuits with adjustable shoulder straps can easily be tweaked to give a more comfortable shape. The Kiss Me Wet Look and Lace Crotchless Bodysuit has slim spaghetti straps fitted with sliders to give you the best possible fit.

''I'm a size X on top and a size Y on the bottom, so I don't know which size to go for"

Baci Open Back Crotchless Long Sleeve Lace Body

When there's a difference between the dress size on your upper half and on the lower half, it can be difficult to know which number to settle on. Do you go for the bigger size, and risk bagginess elsewhere, or the smaller size, and hope that it doesn't cut you in half?

This is where one-size teddies are the perfect choice. Designed to fit three or four different sizes at once, they're often made of super-stretchy materials that cling to your curves without digging in, or have adjustable lacing to tailor the fit to you.

Baci's Open Back Crotchless Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuit comes in base and plus size varieties, and is made from stretchy, flattering floral lace, with adjustable ribbon ties across the shoulders to allow it it to fit a wide range of sizes.

"I'm worried that it won't flatter me"

Oh La La Cheri Purple Sexy Lace Teddy

Because of the figure-hugging style of many teddies, women who carry a little extra weight around their hips or tummy are sometimes worried that a bodysuit will emphasize those areas, and make them feel uncomfortable.

However, a bodysuit is one of the most flattering lingerie styles that you can opt for if you're tummy conscious. Acting like shapewear, lacy teddies that fully cover your midriff (such as the Oh La La Cheri Purple Lace Teddy) not only cover your belly and eliminate muffin top, but thanks to the pattern of the lace, they also have a smoothing effect that can make you appear slimmer.

The variety of different cuts also make bodysuits great for showing off areas you like, whilst hiding others you don't. Still want to show off your boobs? Look for open cups. Proud of a narrow waist? Cut-out details are your friend. Whatever your favorite area, the perfect bodysuit can help to highlight it and make you feel irresistible and confident.

"You have to take them off for sex"

Oh La La Cheri Curves Plus Size White Open Cup Crotchless Lace Teddy

We all know that it can be a real pain when you get all dolled up to drive your lover crazy, then have to peel your carefully selected ensemble off almost immediately when you want to get down to the deed. For this reason, many would opt for the easy access of skirted lingerie over a bodysuit.

However, there is a very simple answer: crotchless teddies. Cut to allow total access to your intimate areas without even having to undo a strap, many of our bodysuits feature an opening at the crotch, ranging from the very open to the very discreet.

Alternatively, if you prefer to leave a little more to the imagination, look for teddies with snaps at the crotch. These allow you to control when you make the big reveal, and are also practical enough that you can wear them underneath clothing, if you'd like.

Picking the Perfect Bodysuit for Your Shape

If you've decided to delve into the world of the all-in-one, have a quick look through our picks of the best tempting teddies - whatever your body shape.

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