How to Use a Waterproof Vibrator

How to Use a Waterproof Vibrator

by Lovehoney

on May 1, 2017

Having naughty fun in the bath or shower is the ultimate fantasy for many but it need not be just a fantasy any longer!

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With Lovehoney's massive range of waterproof vibrators and super sexy shower products, you can experience the ultimate in splashtastic seduction.

Read on to find out which waterproof vibrator is right for you…

How do I find out if my vibrator is waterproof?

Some vibrators are as water-tight as a sieve. Others, however, are made to be used in the water and have a special seal to keep it working even when submersed. You can find out if your toys is fully waterproof by checking the product details and looking for 'Submersible'. If it is 'Splashproof' it will withstand careful washing of non-electronic parts but should not be taken underwater.

how to find out if your toy is waterproof

These water-friendly sex toys can also be found in the waterproof vibrators category and each has a rubber ring around the opening that, when the bottom is screwed on tightly, prevents water from getting inside.

If you lose this small rubber ring, your vibrator is no longer waterproof and should be resigned to bedroom only usage.

Many modern vibrators have this rubber sealing ring built into the base but always check the description to confirm if your vibe is waterproof or not.

What kinds of waterproof vibrators are there?

Any size, shape or colour of vibrator - there's sure to be a waterproof version out there to suit you!

Some people need to be discreet when they're indulging in some 'me' time, so a waterproof bullet such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is ideal. Quiet yet powerful, this is a great mini vibe that can be simply dropped into your make-up bag and taken to any shower or bath across the world.

Don't feel like your favourite rabbit vibrator has to miss out on the action either! The Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator is completely waterproof and means that you never have to miss out on that intense double stimulation that you crave - even when you're scrubbing up.

There are even male sex toys designed for aquatic play. The Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump is ideal for increasing size and stimulating the shaft, using water alone and the Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring provides powerful vibrations to the base of his penis - and to you too!

Any tips for using my new waterproof vibrator?

So you've chosen which waterproof vibrator you want but there are a few things to bear in mind…

Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator

- Water-based lubricants tend to wash straight off as soon as you get in the shower, so pick up a bottle of silicone lubricant instead. Not only is it ultra long-lasting but it is water resistant too.

- Make sure to tightly close your vibrator before taking it into the bathroom. Give the base a twist until it's tight, then twist again to make it extra secure.

- Remember - submersing your vibrator in water will make it a lot noisier as the sound will be amplified as well as echoed around the bath tub! If you want to keep it quiet, use your vibe in the shower instead.

Need more help?

You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the perfect waterproof vibe. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24/7.

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