Get Ready for Holiday Road Trip Sex - Plus Win a Sqweel Go!

Get Ready for Holiday Road Trip Sex - Plus Win a Sqweel Go!

by Krista

on Nov 14, 2013

Sqweel Go

Sqweel Go has got to be the cutest, most curious, sex toy we've seen in quite awhile. We listened to all of your feedback about the original Sqweel and made the new Sqweel Go even more awesome.

It's tiny, which means it's great for travel, just in time for the holidays. It's also rechargeable via USB and compatible with your favorite water-based lube.

Take the new Sqweel Go along for Thanksgiving travel, a last minute vacation, romantic getaway, or a weekend long staycation alone with this cutie and your favorite erotica.

To introduce the Sqweel Go and inspire sexy fun on the go this holiday season I've compiled some links for you.

Would you like to win a Sqweel Go of your very own? Just comment right here and let us know which color Sqweel Go you want to take on your next sexy vacation or road trip and you'll be entered to win!Winner will be chosen at random on November 29th. Read on to learn more below…

  • Traveling with sex toys can be a bit nerve wracking at times. Concerns about vibes accidentally turning on mid flight and vibrating their way through baggage claim can make us all think twice about bringing them along. Here's some handy advice from a bunch of us here at Lovehoney to help ease your mind and fill your journey with sexual happiness. - [Traveling with Sex Toys - Top Tips from Lovehoney Staff!]
  • Have a long drive home for the holidays? Check out these sexy tips from the folks at to make the time fly by. - [How to Sex up Your Road Trip]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus

  • The original Sqweel was the first sex toy attempting to replicate the sweet licking of a real tongue, with ten fast moving silicone ones. It was also the design winner of our very first design a sex toy contest. If you're interested in learning more about how the world's best selling oral sex toy really works, check out these reviews from around the web. - [Who's Sqweeling? Oral sex in the palm of your hand? Don't mind if we do…]
  • Here's my idea to turn everyone on! Flavored lube also goes great with oral sex and the holidays are all about special flavors. Nicole and I were musing on all the pumpkin flavored products popping up lately; coffee, beer, what about lube? We do have some pretty wild flavored lubes but no pumpkin pie… yet! Did you know: "Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Center found the scent of pumpkin pie mixed with lavender increased men’s penile blood flow more than 23 other fragrances." - [Pumpkin Pie Scent - How to Arouse a Man - Woman's Day]
  1. You know I like to tie it all together with a video. Here you go, a "Pumpkin Pie" song live, from Jam In The Van.

The winner of our last giveaway was Toy Addict, she choose the Deluxe Leather Ball Gag as her zombie fighting prize! Here's your chance to win: Comment below and tell us which color you want to win; Lovehoney purple, pure white or two-toned pink Sqweel Go before November 29th to enter. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

Wait! That's not all:

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Nov 14, 2013. Updated on Aug 5, 2020