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by Krista

on Dec 14, 2013

December Book of the Month Deal

Introducing Lovehoney's Book of the Month for December!

Every month, we choose a new erotic novel for our Erotic Book Club. December's book, The Gift by Portia Da Costa, has a holiday twist to delve into during your time off over the festive period.

Every order that includes a copy of our book of the month includes a free gift too: Lovehoney 10 Function Dream Bullet Vibrator (normally $16.99)!

A Sunday Times bestselling author, Portia Da Costa is a master of her craft. She artfully weaves enticing storylines that draw us in to her character's hot affairs.

This special edition of The Gift features an additional sexy Christmas scene - making it the perfect stocking stuffer just in time for the Christmas holiday.

Delight in the turn of each page, thanks to your free Dream Bullet vibe. Read on for more, plus a steamy excerpt direct from the pages of this erotic tale…

Sandy Jackson still dreams of a sexy stranger who came to her rescue and swept her off her feet many years ago. He came and went, but she can't forget the intense attraction she felt for him. When she meets Jay Bentley she's immediately drawn to him too. Does she recognize him?

Jay is a man who knows what he wants, he both remembers and seduces Sandy. Their instant chemistry can't be denied. Jay is not the young man he used to be. He's been badly scarred, both mentally and physically, by a near-deadly car crash, but nothing can dampen his desire. All Jay really wants is Sandy in his bed for Christmas.

Enjoy pagefuls of Portia Da Costa's delectable and erotic prose, share Sandy and Jay's emotions and excitement. Once you get your hands on a copy of The Gift the Dream Bullet vibe will completely enhance your reading experience. Start right here, we've got a stimulating excerpt to get you in the mood…

Excerpt from "The Gift" by Portia Da Costa:

'Leaving so soon?' enquired a voice in her ear as she attempted to sidestep a chattering knot of guests that barred her way. Her mystery man of scars was holding out a glass to her. The wine in it was effervescing, and an exquisite pale gold. She had a feeling it wasn't from the general vat of industrial Chardonnay that everyone else was slurping. It looked as if the stranger had brought her a glass of Champagne. 'Thanks.' She took it from him, careful to avoid touching his fingers this time. She didn't want to spill a fine vintage all over him. 'And no, I wasn't leaving. I just thought I'd slide outside and get some air.' It's December, Sandy. He'll think you're nuts! Grey eyes like brushed steel narrowed infinitesimally, as if he didn't believe her story, and their controlling expression compelled her to turn back towards the centre of the room. 'And you were confident I'd follow and find you then?' He clinked his glass to hers, and then took a sip of his wine. 'Mm . . . that's better. Drink up!' Sandy sipped, and then sighed spontaneously. Oh, what a pleasure! The Champagne was superb, dry and crisp yet almost buttery, the very essence of French glamour in a glass.

'Thanks,' she said again, with much more fervour, 'this is delicious. Thank you very much.' 'You can thank me properly by telling me your name.' The steely eyes challenged her. Sandy felt her stomach flip. If names were exchanged, the game was on in earnest. She couldn't just walk away, because it wasn't just a casual but disquieting moment any more. 'I'm Alexandra Jackson. It's a pleasure to meet you.' She shuffled the strap of her bag on her shoulder, swapped hands with her glass, and then held out her right one to him. He swapped his glass to his other hand far more smoothly than she'd managed to, then offered a large tanned right hand that seemed to dwarf her slender paler one. There were even crooked white scars across the backs of his knuckles. 'I'm Jay Bentley. And the pleasure is all mine.' There was a wealth of meaning in the low gravelly words, and Sandy stifled a gasp as, between her legs, her sex fluttered. 'Er . . . is that a capital "J" or like the bird?' she burbled, saying the first thing that came into her head to cover her confusion. 'Jay' laughed, his sharp eyes narrowing. 'Either. Or both. I've never thought about it. You choose.' Surely you know your own name? 'Like the bird then.' ' "Jay" it is then, Alexandra.'

Reaching forward, he finally took her hand. His skin was warm and smooth and dry, and Sandy was instantly aware that her own palm was sticky with nervous perspiration. She tried to snatch it back, but Jay held on, staring directly into her eyes as if engaging her in a contest. 'It's "Sandy" . . . my friends call me "Sandy".' 'So I'm your friend then, am I, Sandy?' He tilted his closely cropped head on one side, still holding her hand, still pouring a stream of electricity into her body that found its way unerringly to her groin. 'I had a feeling that you didn't really like me all that much.' Blood burned in Sandy's face. He was right in a way. She'd found him intimidating, worrying. She still did. And much more so now. 'I . . . Well, I don't really know you yet.'

She almost threw the glorious Champagne down her throat, insulting its magnificent quality. 'And yet you want me as a friend?' Again that raw sexy laugh that seemed to play across tender sensitive areas. The man was starting to goad her, provoke her. Did she like him? She still wasn't sure. Especially as there was the possibility he was stalking her. But you want him, Sandy, don't you? Boy, how you want him. 'You know what I mean. Don't be perverse!' His grin looked almost boyish all of a sudden, and lights danced in those North Sea-grey eyes. 'Me, perverse?' He took a long swallow of wine, his strong throat undulating against the open collar of his dark shirt, then paused, licking a droplet off his lips. 'Well, not in that way.' He finished his drink in another deep swallow. 'I'm a plain and simple man, Sandy. I just see what I want and go after it.' 'Like me?' What on earth was she thinking? What had she said? It could be pure coincidence he was here. But then again, what was a perfect stranger who she'd first set eyes on this afternoon doing at a Chamber of Commerce Christmas party? She'd lay odds on the fact that he'd gate-crashed and, if he had, was it specifically to meet her?

His laugh pealed out, a rough sexy sound that drew the attention of folk nearby, mostly the women. The way they looked at him suggested that his scars and his fierce appearance didn't reduce his attractiveness one bit. In fact, their hungry glances told Sandy that the way he looked made him infinitely more desirable, rather like a glamorous pirate or some other ruthless sexy scoundrel. 'You're very direct. But then, so am I. As a rule.' Long, dark and splendidly thick eyelashes flickered down for an instant. 'I'm staying here at the hotel for a few days. Would you like to come up and see my room, Sandy Jackson?' 'No.' Yes! 'Of course not.' She cursed a blue streak inside, feeling her face colour with a furious revealing blush. Hell, she didn't know this man from Adam but suddenly she did want to go up to his room with him.

It was insane, it was dangerous and it was downright sluttish, but there was something about his strange, scarred but still handsome face, and his large powerful body that spoke directly to her own body, making it want him. 'Why not?' 'Because I don't know you. I'm not sure I even like you. And I certainly don't sleep with perfect strangers just minutes after I've met them.' Jay shifted his weight between his feet, his eyes on her. She didn't know how he was doing it but she couldn't seem to move a muscle. Her eyes moved though. She couldn't stop skittering all up and down him, noting his white taunting smile, his uncompromising haircut and the long muscular lines of his limbs beneath his good suit. She also noted, with a thud of her heart, that he was starting to get the makings of an erection. Looking up again, her face crimson, she found his eyes upon her. Dropping her gaze again, she focused on her glass, twirling its pointless emptiness in her fingers. 'More Champagne?'

Note: "The Gift" was previously published under the title "Kiss it Better"

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Dec 14, 2013. Updated on Aug 5, 2020