Bed of Roses: Our Top 20 Expert Picks for Valentine's Gifting

by Jen Schwartz

on Jan 16, 2023

What better gift is there than the gift of pleasure? Whether you're shopping for your bestie or your beloved, Lovehoney's team of experts has weighed in on their favorite 2023 gift picks for Valentine’s Day.


With ubiquity in bouquets and on bedsheets alike, roses might as well be the unofficial flower of Valentine’s Day. While there’s no denying their beauty and aromatic appeal, roses as a VDay gift have become a little trite, so why not think outside the flower shop this year? Lovehoney’s newly released collection of rose vibrators is a sultry twist on the Valentine's staple with petals that will last much longer and arouse your own.

Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

If you love trying out all the latest TikTok trends, you’re probably already familiar with the vibrator that set social media ablaze. If not, allow me the great pleasure of introducing you to the viral Rose clit sucker. With its clit-enveloping opening and suction function that utilizes revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology, this buzzed-about toy mimics skillful cunnilingus sessions and could rival even oral Olympians. With its petite palm-sized form and travel lock, this feisty flower is a perfect present match for travel bugs and those who prefer space-saving sex toys.

What customers say: "This toy is amazing! For someone like me who struggles to climax, this helped me so much."

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Is your boo more Morticia Addams than Elle Woods? Match their vibe with an edgier rose design like the Fifty Shades of Grey Black Rose Silicone Clitoral Suction Stimulator!

Lovehoney Rose Glow 2-in-1 Clitoral Suction Stimulator with Egg Vibrator

Lovehoney Rose Glow 2-in-1 Clitoral Suction Stimulator with Egg Vibrator

If your recipient both loves clit stimulation and values versatility, you can’t go wrong with the Lovehoney Rose Glow 2-in-1 Clitoral Suction Stimulator with Egg Vibrator. This fancy iteration of the beloved Rose vibrator boasts the same powerful clit-sucking abilities as its predecessor, with the addition of an attached bullet for even more ways to play. Lucky giftees can switch between suction and buzz or gratify two hot spots at once by placing the egg inside them and letting it delight their G-spot while the rose portion does its thang externally.

What customers say: "I like how you can control the egg and the suction separately. The egg is small and compact and I wasn't expecting much from it to be honest but this packs a punch and, even on the lower settings, you can feel the vibrations through your body."

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Lovehoney Floral Fantasy Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator with G-Spot Vibrator

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator with G-Spot Vibrator

The Lovehoney Floral Fantasy’s appearance matches that of a single rose, but its carnal capabilities are more akin to a whole damn bouquet. The vibrator’s double-ended design can appease clits and G-spots alike with its classic rose sucker end and vibrating insertable stem handle. This particular rose vibe best suits passionate go-getters who enjoy being active in their pleasure pursuit, thrusting away til they collapse in exquisite exhaustion. Lazy lovers need not apply - the Floral Fantasy is for boss babes who want to seize ecstasy themselves and be a participant rather than a bystander in their O approach.

What customers say: "A good introduction into suction toys with the added bonus of a G spot vibrator."

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Jen's Gift Picks

Sexual wellness and sexuality writer Jen Schwartz is the real-life Carrie Bradshaw, meaning she writes about sex for a living and makes admittedly questionable fashion choices.


Gifts are my love language, and I don’t take the process of choosing them lightly. Attention to detail and thoughtfulness are key ingredients in great gift-giving, so I always let personality, interests, and lifestyle guide my personal picks. Given my predilection for present-picking, my Valentine’s suggestions are based not only on quality but variety. My goal is to help every type of reader find a wow-worthy VDay present for their special someone, regardless of who that someone may be.

Lovehoney Rock My World Sex Toy Kit

Lovehoney Rock My World Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

While this 6-piece sex toy kit would surely garner appreciation from any of your pals, the Lovehoney Rock My World Sex Toy Kit is particularly suitable for two types of people: sex toy newbies and sexperts passionate about self-love. How could one gift perfectly satisfy the needs of such drastically different audiences? Glad you asked. This varied assortment of pleasure products gives less experienced solo players the opportunity to experiment with different toy types to find out what tickles their fancy. Those who’ve been around the sex toy block will get a kick out of this kit as it quickly fills their bedside table with a wealth of play options to appease their every stimulation desire. Self-pleasurers can even give themselves an oh-so-fun challenge by using a different sex toy from the kit each day for almost a full week.

What customers say: "Best buy ever!! Great value for money. If you are not sure about what you might like, this is perfect! Great quality products and very discreet delivery. Very, very, very pleased!"

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Lovehoney Jeweled Gold Aluminum Butt Plug

Lovehoney Jewelled Gold Metal Small Butt Plug 2.5 Inch

The gift that keeps on giving, the Lovehoney Jewelled Gold Aluminum Small Butt Plug 2.5 Inch brings delicious fullness to the wearer and provides an enticing visual for their partner. Try inserting the butt plug in secret and letting your lover discover the welcome surprise during doggy-style sex. The pretty plug’s body-safe aluminum makeup is conveniently compatible with all lubricant formulas and grants the opportunity for temperature play. Explore new sensations by warming or cooling the Lovehoney Jewelled Gold Aluminum Small Butt Plug 2.5 Inch prior to insertion.

What customers say: "We have a few butt plugs but have never tried a metal one. My partner and I love this one. The metal has some wonderful qualities, it is so smooth and frictionless, it glides into and out of place in the most beautiful feeling way. There was a thrilling chill on insertion that, quite honestly, I wasn't expecting but I loved it. The weight of it also means you're always aware that it's there, which adds to the experience. During orgasm it stays perfectly in place but intensifies the feeling."

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Clone-a-Willy Vibrating Molding Kit

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit Hot Pink

The Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit is one of the most unique customizable gifts on the sex toy market. An ideal present for those in long-distance relationships, the Clone-A-Willy is the next best thing to having your lover by your side or inside you. And what better way to display your love for your partner’s peen than by wanting your own version of it for when they’re away? We suggest couples execute the molding process while together for a playful bonding activity that’s sure to produce laughter before it produces moans.

What customers say: "So fun to make and use. There is nothing more hot than watching my girlfriend use my penis to pleasure herself."

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Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

Though mind games are a no-no for healthy relationships, sex games are a different story. The Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game is great for getting out of a bedroom rut and trying out new moan-worthy acts. With its erotic activity prompts and included tools of the trade to carry them out, lovers will love exploring each other in ways they may never have previously thought to try. Couples should challenge themselves to get through the entire game before moving on to the main event; trust me, it’s harder than it sounds. This sex game builds arousal hard and fast, making players eager to switch from foreplay to moreplay ASAP. Or couples could play a game within a game, trying to outlast each other and having the person who gives in first lose the game. However, there are really no losers when you’re playing the Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game.

What customers say: "The game is fun and had us laughing and carrying on for quite awhile [...] Don't hesitate to get this game. We are joyfully expanding our already joyfully varied sexual repertoire. We are happy as can be with it."

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Naughty Knot Unwrap Me Body Bow

Naughty Knot Unwrap Me Sexy Body Bow

How cute is a present that transforms the recipient into a present?! The concept may be adorable, but the impact of the Naughty Knot Unwrap Me Sexy Body Bow leans towards the saucy side. Our advice for wearers? Lean into the unconventional nature of the lingerie with equally eccentric role play. You can pretend to be a sex doll, letting your lover “use” you as they please after opening their provocative present. This ultra-giftable gift wrap lingerie may scream Valentine’s Day to some, but it’s actually perfect for year-round fun. Lucky recipients can pop this sultry piece on for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries — you name it! The Naughty Knot Unwrap Me Sexy Body Bow can also double as a sex toy; repurpose the satin sash post-unwrapping as a restraint, blindfold, or silky sensory play tool.

What customers say: "[My partner] had plenty of fun unwrapping and using his present :) [...] Will use again! I'm the gift that keeps on giving. ;)"

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Rosegasm Bloom Secret Kisses Silicone Rose Ball Gag with Leather Strap

Rosegasm Bloom Secret Kisses Silicone Rose Ball Gag with Leather Strap

Kinksters shouldn’t have to settle for their standard black ball gag on the most romantic day of the year. This stunning gag offers an elevated aesthetic with its floral mouthpiece and gold detailing, adding an air of opulence to BDSM scenes. Breathable, hypoallergenic, and cute as heck, the Rosegasm Bloom Secret Kisses ball gag is a great introduction to BDSM that will leave gift recipients speechless.

What customers say: "It is presented in a luxurious box & also came with a sheer storage bag. This seems very high qualit[y]"

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Valentine's Gift Picks

Valentine T. (they/them) is a Queer, Non-Binary, Latinx sex educator, writer, and visual artist from NYC. A sex toy retail veteran, Valentine has been selling pleasure products for over 15 years and their passion for connecting people to their pleasure journeys is stronger than ever.


Choosing the right Valentine’s gift is a very personal and intimate experience, especially when it comes to choosing sexy items that express desire and playfulness. When choosing a sexy gift for someone, look for something you know the person receiving the gift is interested in or curious about, or something that you’d like to explore together to deepen your connection and intimacy. Maybe you’ve shared fantasies or watched something that piqued their sexual interest over the past year; work with that information to find the right sex toy, game, or kink tool. Don’t know where to start? Choose versatility! Many sex toys and sexy accessories have a range of intensities and uses so the likelihood that the person receiving the gift will enjoy using it is a little higher. Lastly, don’t be afraid to be bold. Valentine’s Day is a great time to try new things and splurge on items someone might not buy themselves. If you need some VDay inspiration, check out this list of my favorite giftable items.

Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator

App-enabled and responsive sex toys have elevated the possibilities for long-distance or hands-free couples’ play. Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Egg Vibrator is a gift that centers connection between partners, no matter what the physical distance might be. This couples’ vibrator can be controlled by an app or sound, so you can stay connected over wi-fi from across the room or across the globe.

What customers say: "Best toy I’ve ever used - Incredible! My boyfriend and I bought this to use for long distance play. I’ve never ever orgasmed/squirted until this toy came into my hands. App is super easy to use!"

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Lovehoney Advanced Strap-On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo

Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo

If you and your sweetie have been curious about strap-on play or pegging, I’d highly recommend checking out the Lovehoney Strap-On Harness Kit. This set includes everything you need to get started with strap-on play, including a sleek curved silicone dildo that’s versatile enough for vaginal or anal play and for g-spot or prostate stimulation. The adjustable harness ranges from 28”-65” to fit a wide range of body types and includes a pocket for a vibrating bullet and additional o-rings in case you want to use your harness with your own different size dildos.

What customers say: "My girlfriend and I were both completely unexperienced with strap ons; this was a perfect introduction. The size and materials are comfy, the straps are easily adjustable and it's super easy to clean. Comes with additional toy-holding rings in case you want to change sizes later on, too."

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Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Masturbator

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

If the person you’re gifting to has a penis, check out the Blowmotion Masturbator. This masturbator focuses on the head of the penis and warms up to 104°, creating very realistic blow job sensations. The discreet, non-representational design is also very sleek and giftable.

What customers say: "Intense orgasms. Wow. Snug fit but so much intense pleasure with the ability to stimulate the glans with varying pressure that you apply yourself. At times it almost mimics the sensation of deep throating. The warming function adds to the comfort and pleasure."

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Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring

Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring

Give your Valentine a gift you can use together in a myriad of ways. The Lovehoney Rabbit Love Ring is a vibrating cock ring that can be used on a penis, dildo, or handheld to add vibration to all types of play. The playful pastel colors add a whimsical appeal to this affordable gift!

What customers say: "I cannot recommend this little friend enough. My partner said it’s one of the most comfortable ones he’s worn and doesn’t feel too tight. For me personally I loved the different settings on the vibrations to fit the mood ;) the rubber is soft and flexible and not rigid like others we’ve used. Partnered with some lube and omg you will not regret purchasing."

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Lovehoney Oh! Get Started Tie & Tease Kit

Lovehoney Oh! Get Started Tie & Tease Kit (4 Piece)

Sexy gifts don’t have to be extravagant in order to be pleasurable! This 4-piece set includes a blindfold, feather tickler, and 2 bondage sashes to get you started with light bondage and sensation play!

What customers say: "I love this set a lot! I am a big fan of bondage and pleasure control however my partner hasn't had much experience with either of these. This was the perfect set for me to introduce them to the basics. We both had a lot of fun using this the day it arrived and still continue to use it!"

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Sarah's Gift Picks

Sarah Tomchesson is a seasoned sex educator and pleasure-based content creator. Her 15+ years of teaching have kept her curious and connected to the power of pleasure as a powerful, healing tool.


I am a sex toy evangelist, but I do not like to stuff my sex toy drawer! Too many choices confuse me in the heat of the moment. I am drawn to products that can be used in lots of different ways, which also means I have to be able to use my sex toys in solo play and with my partner. I apply the same standards when I’m gifting. If I’m buying a toy for a friend, chances are I don’t know the ins and outs of their sexual practices. This is why a versatile sex toy is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Here are some of my faves!

We-Vibe Touch X

We-Vibe Touch X Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

If I were to make a wishlist for everything I wanted in a vibe – We-Vibe Touch X would have it! The shape of the toy fits nicely in the palm of your hand and can be used over the whole body. We-Vibe Touch X can take you from warm up to climax. The ergonomic shape is great for full body massage, or it can be positioned over the pubic mound on one of it’s 8 intensities settings to awaken the nerve endings in the genitals. If you play with someone with a penis you can cup the testicles with it for intensifying oral sex or hand sex. Then when you’re ready to turn up the intensity, the pinpointed tip can be pressed into the body for direct stimulation to the clit or any sensitive erogenous zone.

What customers say: "My go-to! For its size, it is quite powerful and I am a big fan of the vibration patterns that We-Vibe offers. It's a great solo toy, fun to use with a partner, and fun for people of all bodies! It isn't the most powerful toy I own but there is something excellent about the rumbly vibration type We-Vibe provides. It is easy to travel with due to the locking setting and the design isn't overtly sexual and more discrete!"

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Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro40

Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer’s products have been the sex toy I have gifted most often since they came out in 2016. Pleasure Air stimulation is the closest thing to a universally loved sensation that you’ll find in a sex toy. Everyone has different taste in terms of intensity and vibration frequency. Some people like buzzy vibrators. Others like deep, rumbly vibrations. Pleasure air is a totally unique sensation that stimulates the clitoris with air pressure without making any direct contact with the clit. It’s similar to the feeling of oral sex. In my opinion the Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro40 is a perfect gift for who’s looking to try something new, who’s struggled to find their orgasm or who just struggles to find the time for orgasms!

What customers say: "So gentle, so quiet..but ohhhh so delicious!! The first time I used it, it gave me 3 orgasms in a row.. best feeling ever!!"

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Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cockring

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating cockrings are great for ALL couples. They are designed to add simultaneous vibration for both partners during sex and when worn with the vibrator facing up, they give the receiving partner vibration during penetration. Did you know they can be worn with the vibrator facing down underneath the balls? This vibrates the wearer’s perineum, testicles and gives some indirect vibration to the wearer’s prostate. A vibrating cockring can intensity solo or couples play for the wearer when worn this way. I also love vibrating cockrings for wearing on your hand to add vibration to hand sex or to use as a finger vibe. I’ve even been known to position a vibrating cocking onto a dildo to create dual stimulation in solo play or to add vibration to strap-on play. Find me a more versatile vibrator, I dare you!

What customers say: "I bought this as an extra something to use during sex. It is perfect! The design fits well, and hugs the shaft and everything else perfectly. The feel of it during sex adds so many more feelings!"

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Bondage Boutique Black Rose Under Mattress Restraint

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Under Mattress Restraint Kit (2 Piece)

Bondage is a go-to for couples looking for new dynamics in their play. There’s only one problem. Sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow for the set up needed for a meaningful kinky scenario. Under the Bed Restraints solve this problem. You set them up once and then they are ready to go! Whether you’re looking for a fun surprise for your sweetheart, a discreet way to enjoy bondage at home, or a quicker way to get into restrained scenarios, Bondage Boutique’s Under the Mattress Restraints are great for beginners and bondage afiacianados alike.

What customers say: "Simple, great idea. Easily hidden away and soft restraints."

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Arcwave Pow

Arcwave Pow Silicone Dual-Entrance Suction Control Male Masturbator

Arcwave’s newest product is a sweet gift! It uplevels the masturbation experience in a couple of ways. Arcwave’s proprietary silicone (CleanTech Silicone) feels so luxurious and lifelike against the skin when lubed up and it’s durable in a way that most masturbators aren’t - it will stand the test of time. Pow also features a pressure release valve that allows you to create varying intensities of suction by covering and uncovering the valve. It’s such a simple design that offers a lot of punch in the sensation department. It’s not as versatile as some sleeves. It really is best for solo play. If you’re looking for a sleeve to use in partner play, an open-ended sleeve like the Lovehoney Head Master Stroker can be incorporated into blow jobs to simulate the feel of oral sex!

What customers say: "This has to be the coolest manual masturbator I have ever owned. Sleek in design, simple in function, and utterly effective!"

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Lovehoney Apothecary Arouse Scent Massage Candle

Lovehoney Apothecary Arouse Scent Massage Candle 5.6oz

A rub down is one of the best ways to connect with your body – convince me otherwise! Massage is a low-pressure way to connect intimately with yourself or a partner. A massage candle is my absolute fave because massage oils are made from low-temperature burning oils. The heat adds a sensual temperature-play element to your massages. Chances are your loved one may not have come across a massage candle before and it can make for a unique gift.

What customers say: "This candle just oozes class, from the simple and yet classy packaging to the candle that has a clever jug design making it super easy to use. The smell is divine and the oil isn't greasy at all, smooth and easily absorbed by the skin. This candle is a great addition to the bedroom and just looks like a normal fancy candle."

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Jen Schwartz

Written by Jen Schwartz. Sexual wellness and sexuality writer Jen Schwartz is the real-life Carrie Bradshaw, meaning she writes about sex for a living and makes admittedly questionable fashion choices.

Originally published on Jan 16, 2023. Updated on Dec 7, 2022