Product Spotlight: Trojan Vibrators Take New York

Product Spotlight: Trojan Vibrators Take New York

by Krista

on Aug 10, 2012

Trojan VibratorsDuring my visit last week to Blogher in NYC I had the distinct pleasure (along with about 4,000+ other women) of meeting up with the lovely people from Trojan at their booth. They were happily sharing the love with the ladies of Blogher and passing out a ton of high-quality vibrators.

And they didn’t stop there. They took on the rest of NYC in none other than hot dog carts. Spreading their sexy mission, hold the mustard!

“Deploying two purple, hot dog-style "Pleasure Carts," Trojan reps will be distributing 5,000 of the Tri-Phoria… and 5,000 of the Pulse…”

Wow Trojan. I think you just made my ultimate pro-vibrator sex-positive promotional dreams come true. Seriously! I had a wonderful friend volunteer to give the Trojan a new home. Here's her take on the Tri-phoria…

I took home a Trojan Vibrations Tri-Phoria from Blogher (thanks again Ben and Trojan!) wondering would I ‘test’ this one myself? Well, I had a wonderful friend volunteer and so you don’t even have to take my word for it here’s her take on the Tri-phoria (in brief: she likes it alot and it’s really hard to open).

Trojan Vibrations Tri-Phoria Clitoral VibratorMy, my Trojan, you sure do know how to live up to your name. The Trojan Tri-Phoria can be likened to the original Trojan Horse in at least a couple ways. First, the packaging: it took me, two girlfriends and a bent metal nail file to get into it; I imagine the original Trojan horse was similarly confusing. I can only guess this is intentional to avoid drugstore thievery (but really, it shouldn’t be quite so difficult to get into). Second, once out of the packaging, the small, rather unassuming vibe with three options for head attachments proved surprisingly strong and capable. I’ve used many-a-vibe from small and weak to the too-powerful-for-some Hitachi Magic Wand (my personal favorite) and I am hummingly happy to report that my beloved Hitachi finally has some battery operated competition.

I’m always in search of the perfect balance between power and discretion and this handy little guy has come the closest I’ve found to date. After re-discovering it in my purse the morning after receiving it, I thought I’d get a sense of what it could do, but since I was already dressed in jeans and not in the mood to disrobe I wasn’t expecting much more than a simple how-does-it-feel-on-my-forearm kind of test. But the little men jumped out of their “Trojan horse” with gusto and though their vibrations weren’t strong enough to get me off through my jeans, they were enough to inspire me to disrobe and finish the job.

Initially it was the domed tip attachment that pushed its steady pulse through my jeans, but I switched to the flickering tip to finish. While I’d say the word “flickering” is a bit misleading (it’s no tongue action, ladies, despite the “flickering” name), it is probably my favorite of the three attachments with the broad side or thin side for use, depending on your desire. The third attachment is their hard stimulator tip and it lives up to its name, at least in the “hard” department; not my favorite, but I tend to prefer soft and firm to hard and inflexible. A primary feature that I especially appreciate is the shape of the handle side; it fits very well into my hand and seems well designed for the intended purpose. With minor adjustments in finger placement or pressure, I can make some major adjustments to sensation. The controls are easy to use with simple - and + buttons which function as the on/off as well as navigation through the five levels of steady vibrations and the additional three pulse patterns.

Well done Trojan, you certainly surprised me with your well designed, powerful and affordable Tri-Phoria Clitoral Vibrator.

Re-posted with permission from Fall Before Me.


Written by Krista.

Originally published on Aug 10, 2012. Updated on Aug 5, 2020