Sex Toys I Never Thought I'd Try: Clone-A-Willy

by Audrey Andrews

on Apr 21, 2020

It's not that I never thought I'd try the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit, it's more that I just never knew that this erotic DIY project existed.

When I found out that this sex toy meant you could you make a vibrating carbon copy of your lover's penis, my mind was blown. This is what I'd been looking for all these years!

I've always found penetrative toys kind of intimidating and it usually takes me a while to warm up to them. But as soon as I found out about Clone-A-Willy, I was cheering! Forget feeling uncertain about whether a toy was going to feel good or not. I was going to have a vibrating dildo modelled on my most favourite willy in the world.

When I'm not getting him to tie me up and assemble an over-the-door sex swing, I'm asking him to replicate his penis. What a lucky man he is.


First impressions

Your kit comes packaged up neatly inside a plastic cylinder. Here's the first crucial piece of information – you're going to need that plastic cylinder during the cloning process. Open the kit by snipping the thin plastic seal that's wrapped around the black lid – don't hack into the plastic cylinder with scissors or you won't be able to get your clone on! The kit comes with the main things you will need to create your Clone-A-Willy, except 1 x AA battery which you'll need to buy separately.

In the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit, you get:

A moulding tube (that's the plastic cylinder it comes in) A stirring stick A bullet vibrator A packet of white moulding powder A clear tub of silicone A coloured tub of silicone (mine was neon purple, but you get can flesh tones and even glow in the dark options!) A small thermometer

You will also need a measuring cup, a large mixing bowl, scissors, a disposable container, a large mixing spoon, a 4" cardboard square, some sticky or masking tape and a timer.

The kit comes with a full set of instructions, and you should read those through in their entirety before you even think about starting the cloning process.

There are roughly 10 steps to making your dream vibrator and you need to follow these steps precisely. You can also head to Lovehoney's YouTube Channel and watch Make Your Own Vibrator with Clone-A-Willy.


What I learnt...

Watching the Lovehoney YouTube video meant I got some hot tips before diving headfirst into this crafty cock-cloning session.

I learnt that timing is everything, so have all the equipment set up and close to hand before you begin. You don't want to be running around looking for a mixing bowl while your lover is left standing there, peen in hand.

Just like any type of craft, this DIY dildo has the potential to get messy. Do it in the bathroom or somewhere with a tiled floor so that clean-up is easy.

Your partner is going to have to maintain an erection for two minutes. You may think "So? Two minutes is nothing!", but what you don't understand is that they'll have to maintain an erection for two minutes whilst submerging their peen in liquid moulding powder. If that's an average Friday night for you two, it won't be a problem, but the rest of us may find it helpful to use a cock ring, penis pump or some porn.

If your partner is a hairy hunk, a quick trim or some petroleum jelly on the pubes is a good idea before you start.

The moulding tube has to be held firmly against the body, so it's best to put sticky tape or masking tape over the edge of the cut plastic.


Let's Get Cloning!

Step One: We set up camp in the shower. The moulding tube has to be cut 1.5 cm longer than the length of your partner's erection, but we did this beforehand to save ourselves the added time pressure. We got some adult entertainment playing on my phone and stuck it in the shower caddy. This was perfect because it put the porn right at my boyfriend's eye level, leaving him free to tune out and enjoy himself while I got ready to DIY like there was no tomorrow!

Step Two: The water from our bathroom sink runs quite hot so I was able to get it to the required temperature – just over 32 degrees celsius. I poured 1¾ cup of water into our mixing bowl and double-checked the temperature. The water has to be 32 degrees celsius at this point – if it isn't your mixture may set too quickly or not at all.

Step Three: When I was satisfied with the temperature of the water, I poured it into my mixing bowl and got my mixing spoon and timer ready.

Step Four: I set my timer for 45 seconds and hit 'Start'. The instructions say to start the timer and then cut open the bag of moulding powder, so I followed the directions to the letter. I poured the powder into my water and mixed for the remainder of my 45 seconds. The mixture still looked lumpy at this point, kind of like pancake batter that needed more work, but the instructions say that this is to be expected.

Step Five: As soon as your 45 seconds is over, you have to pour the mixture quickly into the tube. Here's where the owner of your favourite willy comes in! Your partner has to insert their erection into the tube whilst standing, holding the tube tightly against their body at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the liquid moulding powder doesn't dribble out before it has a chance to set. We worked out that the best way to achieve this is for your partner to bend their knees a little, angle their penis into the moulding tube and then quickly straighten up, holding the tube at the open end and pressing it firmly against their body. You may lose a little bit of the liquid in the process, but as long as you don't lose a significant amount you should be fine.

Step Six: Your partner has to maintain their erection and hold the tube in place for at least two minutes. They should be able to feel the liquid starting to solidify. After two minutes had passed, we touched the outside of the moulding tube and we could feel that the liquid had hardened. My boyfriend slowly removed his penis from the mould (thank god for petroleum jelly!) and we let the mould air-dry until the next day.

Step Seven: The next day I grabbed my disposable container (an old water bottle cut in half) and I mixed the two jars of silicone together. The stirring stick that comes with the kit is really handy, not only for mixing but also for scraping every last bit of the silicone out of the tubs. Every drop counts! I checked to make sure that no water had collected in the bottom of our mould overnight (if you find water pooling in yours, tip it out) and then I slowly poured the silicone mixture into the mould.

Step Eight: I grabbed my 4" cardboard square that I conveniently cut from my Lovehoney packaging and cut an 'X' into its centre. I stuck the vibrator through the 'X' until only the screw cap was left sticking out.

Step Nine: I lowered the vibrator into the centre of the silicone-filled mould. The cardboard square acts as a lid that keeps you from losing the vibrator altogether. A bit of the silicone came up and spilled over the sides, but that's just displacement for you. I came here to clone a willy, not to defy physics.

Step Ten: Once 24 hours had passed, I eased the clone out of its mould and hey presto, I had a vibrating neon purple replica of my boyfriend's penis in my hand!

Final thoughts

This cloning process may seem complicated, and a lot of work for a vibrating dildo, but I promise you that it's well worth the effort! Not only is this a flirtatious bit of X-rated craft you can do as a couple, you end up with a completely customised dildo at the end of it. It's the perfect toy for those in a long-distance relationship, or anyone that loves having natural penetrative sex with their partner but has always felt a bit wary of dildos.

You can buy extra bags of moulding powder and your mould is reusable, so you can make a whole army of vibrating willies in an array of different colours if you're so inclined. Too often we forget that sex is a messy, humorous experience and that's my take-home message after using the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit!

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on Apr 21, 2020. Updated on Jan 17, 2021