Steamy Date Night Upgrades

by Cailin

on Dec 31, 2022

Want to make your next date hot AF? Look no further.


It’s the season of love and we’re guessing if you’re here you’ve probably got a date lined up and you’re in need of inspiration. From new sweethearts to married couples or situationships to long-term lovers, the pressure is on to deliver quality time that’ll have them swooning.

We love a romantic night as much as the next person but you are on the Lovehoney website after all, so we’d say your average dinner and a movie are not what you’re looking for (at least, not the normal kind). The activities in this blog are on the spicier side – designed for seduction and arousal on your dates – to have you wanting to rip each other’s clothes off over giving forehead kisses (not that we don’t love these). Plan a surprise for your partner(s) or choose something special together.

Valentine’s Day or not, scheduling in time for date night regularly is a must. Since sexing up the day-to-day is our specialty, we put our heads together for you to make the most of your dates with a heavy sprinkling of eroticism.

You’re welcome.

Dessert Before Dinner

Sweetening up the night before it’s even started can set the mood for a feel good and intimate date. Book your table or activity for a later time and work up an appetite with some play before you leave. While you’re getting ready, try surprising your sweetie with what you’re planning on wearing underneath your clothes and see where it takes you.

Not only will you go out with a natural boost of endorphins, you don’t have to worry about the risk of accidentally being too full or tired for sex when you get home. If you spend the whole time thinking about getting back to the bedroom for round two, even better – that’s double the sex!

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Bring Them a Bouquet of Roses

Sometimes flowers can be enough to create a romantic atmosphere even if you’re just spending the night in – especially when your bunch contains a certain rechargeable addition. The Lovehoney Rose looks like a flower but can do so much more than a simple bouquet.

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Do you know what your partner is really into? Have you considered the range of options on your erotic menu? A fun way to discover and explore your preferences with your partner is a Yes/No/Maybe list. These lists give you a range of options to think about and categorize in the yes, maybe or no columns as a way of naming your personal desires. You and your partner can then get together and share your discoveries. The overlaps in your yes columns become your sexual bucket list. The maybe column is where you can discuss the circumstances or conditions that need to be in place to feel comfortable exploring those sex acts. Your no column helps you set limits on play that you're not into. Yes/No/Maybe lists are an intimate way to share your likes and dislikes with your partner. They're also a great date night activity. Our interests are constantly evolving and you can update or your revisit your list at any time!

Go Out with a Remote-control Toy

Bring play into any date when you get a remote or app-controlled toy involved. This is not the date night to go commando - get those date night undies on and hand over the controls to your lover.

As for the date, this could anything from a meal at a nice restaurant or a cocktail at a fancy hotel to a salsa night or mini golf. It probably goes without saying but we recommend you avoid axe throwing as an activity – you don’t want to be distracted by tingling vibrations in your nether regions while wielding any weapons.

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Games Night

If your sweetheart is a sucker for a good board game, then a night in with a cheeky contest will be an ideal way to spice up your Valentine’s date. Get yourself a sex-themed game and spend some quality time with your partner, talking about sex and mixing in a few acts while you’re at it. After all, communication makes for romping you can relish in for days (if not weeks).

Feeling a bit extra this Valentine’s or want to host single’s night? Share the love by inviting friends around to join in on your erotic game night and adjust the activities to suit everyone’s boundaries. Lots of laughs and oversharing are sure to follow.

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Stay-cay and Role Play

Getting out of your regular space can be a great way to shake things up in your headspace and have you feeling more open to trying different and exciting things. Next time you treat yourselves to a night away, plan out a role play scene from a fantasy of yours or theirs (or both).

Whether you fantasize about infidelity, being an escort or even a kidnapping, use the freedom of having no interruptions, no chores and no other plans to worry about to embrace all parts of your sexual imagination. Here’s some inspo for you to get your fantasies firing.

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A Trip to the Cinema

Hear us out. We know the dinner and a movie date is a tale as old as time but here’s how you can make it the least boring date ever. Firstly, pick a film you know will be less crowded, find a secluded spot, settle in and let the games begin.

Your task? Turn each other on as much as possible with some heavy petting but without kissing or taking it any further. This could be a massage on the neck or ears, strokes on the arm, thighs or even their nipples. Feel free to decide on your own rules but make sure you both consent to them beforehand and they are of course, within the legal realm – the aim here is to use the risk of getting caught to amplify the eroticism - not to actually get kicked out of the movie theater.

Use some non-vibrating kegel balls, butt plugs or an orgasm balm to give your arousal a boost if you think you can handle it. With elements of exhibitionism, power dynamics and a marathon of foreplay like this, you’ll be racing home as soon as (if not before) the credits roll out.

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Get Naked

Hold your horses there, folks! You’ll get to the bonking in a minute. This date is all about feeling comfortable in your skin by being only in your skin. Leave your shackles (we mean clothes) at the door and enjoy the liberation of simply being nude with your sweetheart.

Dance around the living room, watch a movie or cook a nice dinner together (being careful not to burn yourself) and see what it can do for your body confidence and intimacy. Plan a night away or pick a time when you know you won’t have any surprise visitors to really let yourself relax into this one.

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Take Them Long-distance Shopping

No need to leave the house, sit down (whether you're together or apart) and browse the Lovehoney website with each other. Set a budget for yourselves, pick something (or a few things) you’d both like to try and place your order.

When both of your packages arrive, schedule in a time when you’re both available (if you can wait that long) and make a point of trying out all your new purchases over video call. In anticipation, share the tracking links along with some saucy sexts to your partner so you can both get pumped up for your heated online session.

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Written by Cailin. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Cailin is Lovehoney Australia's in-house content queen and loves to talk sex positivity, positions and possibly panties from time to time. And no, she still can't believe she gets to write about sex and dildos for a living.

Originally published on Dec 31, 2022. Updated on Dec 22, 2022

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