Sex Map: The (United) State of Pleasure in 2022

by Jen Schwartz

on Jan 15, 2023

Dive into the results of our 2022 global sex survey!

Lovehoney Sex Map USA

The passionate crew at Lovehoney are proud to call ourselves sex nerds.

Whether we’re engineering innovative technologies for new moan-worthy vibrator features or studying the state of society’s bedroom affairs, we believe that pleasure knowledge is pleasure power. And you, dear customers, are an integral part of how we learn!

To celebrate the new year and ponder how we can make this one even sexier than last, we dove into every inch of data 2022 provided. Take a gander at our recent findings for feisty trivia knowledge and sexual exploration inspiration!

Sex and Different Cities

Turns out your location can impact more than just the contents of your closet but your bedside table, too! Check out a few of our city-specific findings for sex in 2022 below, with paired product recommendations that let your libido travel the world!

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including butt plugs. Residents of Austin, TX, were top purchasers of inflatable butt plugs in 2022.

Inflate your fun like Texans

Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug 4.5 Inch

Enter a world of tailor-made anal delights where a wealth of sensations lie at your fingertips. This slender-necked inflatable plug starts off small and unintimidating but holds the power to grow as your arousal imminently does. Erotic and exotic experiences await you in this vibrating butt plug brimming with possibilities. Are you bold enough to pursue your desires? Once you do, you’ll never look back.

What customers say: "It hit spots that other [butt plugs] just couldn’t hit. Never felt this before."

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Famous for their public transit system and fast-paced lifestyles, it should come as no surprise that always-on-the-go New Yorkers in Manhattan bought the most wearable vibrators this past year.

Make your errands erotic like New Yorkers

We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Couple's Vibrator

Buzz outside the bedroom and make the We-Vibe Chorus your new dirty little secret. Clitorally amazing and G-spot gratifying alike, this C-shaped wearable vibrator will fit you like a glove and make you fall in love. Ultra-quiet with a phone app remote control, only you will know the reason you’re smiling so wide on your grocery run.

What customers say: "It's a ton of fun to use in public or at home, alone or with a partner. I also am impressed with the updated app which connects consistently and allows for different internal vs external intensity/pattern"

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Home to Hollywood and, therefore, many of the best porn performers in the biz, Los Angeles, CA, is no stranger to -ahem- close-up shots. Being intimately familiar with human anatomy, it makes sense that L.A. dwellers bought more realistic vagina masturbators than anywhere else in the states.

Screw the (almost) real deal like Californians

Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Texture

Riley Reid’s delicate feminine charms have undoubtedly helped her become one of the most lusted-after performers in the game, and now you can experience those charms for yourself. Modeled after the starlet’s show-stealing parts, this stroker leaves out no detail in its realistic vulva opening. More than just a treat for the eyes, the inner sleeve's highly textured and aptly named Utopia texture envelopes your member in velvety-soft tightness.

What customers say: "Pure sexual satisfaction is the only way I can describe this. Feels exactly like the real thing."

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Sexual behavior in US cities

State of Affairs Knowledge Check

Put your intimacy intel to the test by guessing which states won the following Lovehoney awards. Grab a pal, write down your answers, and check out our full Sex Map to see if you were right!

Stays At Home Award: Which state was responsible for the most bed restraint purchases?

Hint: How do you like them apples? Big, I hope.

Strapped and Ready Award: Which state made more strap-on purchases than any other?

Hint: Southern hospitality and peaches are aplenty.

Most Connected and Tech-Savvy Award: Which state outdid the others with wearable couple’s vibrator purchases?

Hint: Things get hot here. Wet? Not so much.

What’s on the Map for 2023

There’s lots to look forward to this year!

Sexual Mindfulness

The mindfulness craze popped up a few years ago and is still going strong (we love when healthy habits are in!), with the goal of being fully present extending to all parts of our lives, including the bedroom. So what does this mean for sex? People are less concerned with the big O, instead putting more focus on enjoying every aspect of their intimate experiences, whether a climax occurs or not.

Shop the trend: Sensual Mindfulness

Open Communication Regarding Fantasies

Gone are the days when sex and sexuality were taboo topics for new lovers (good riddance, shame and stigma!). Our survey found that 46% of respondents that identify as men and 38% of woman-identifying respondents talk about their desires and sexual fantasies within the first three months of courtship. Good on y’all! The more you know, the more you can explore.

Shop the trend: Pillow Talk & Fantasy Fulfillment

Sex Tech

Cars and computers aren’t the only devices making the most of advancements in technology. From accompanying phone apps that control vibrators to VR-compatible strokers and everything in between, sex toys have come a long way since the stone age. And the people are here for it! Over half of our sexy survey takers (60%) reported they’re open to trying out app-enabled toys.

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Jen Schwartz

Written by Jen Schwartz. Sexual wellness and sexuality writer Jen Schwartz is the real-life Carrie Bradshaw, meaning she writes about sex for a living and makes admittedly questionable fashion choices.

Originally published on Jan 15, 2023. Updated on Jan 13, 2023