Upgrade Your Sex Life [3/4]

Upgrade Your Sex Life [3/4]

by Lovehoney

on Aug 13, 2017


Sex - we love it (obviously).

Whether you’re a novice between the sheets or a bona fide sexpert, there’s always room for improvement in the bedroom department.

Practice makes perfect, so we’ve put together this four part series that’ll help you go from zero to hero.

3: Getting Down To It

So you’re ready to dance the mattress mambo and your perfected foreplay skills have your partner in a tizzy - it’s time for the next step.


More Lube

Using lube? Great! Use more.

It’s a cheap and easy way to have better sex - even the simplest of water-based lubes can help you and your partner achieve more comfortable and longer lasting sex. Longer lasting? Yep - lube reduces the the amount of friction during intercourse, delaying the build up to the inevitable.

Feeling a bit fruiter? Flavoured lubes make oral sex even more fun, while warming and cooling lubes bring new sensations to the table. Delay lubes, anal lubes, masturbation lubes - there’s guaranteed to be a lube out there for you.



A simple change of position can solve a myriad of sexual woes, and people have been coming up with new and improved ways to reach the finish line for thousands of years (we’re looking at you, Kama Sutra).

Let’s take our good friend missionary for example. It’s fine, we suppose - but lift your partner’s legs and rest her thighs against your chest and you have ‘The Shoulder Holder’, which is perfect for hitting the elusive G-Spot. It can be that easy.

Is your partner’s member on the shorter side? Try doggy style. Longer? Try cowgirl, which puts you in control. And if you’re having trouble achieving a position, a well-placed pillow or a purpose-made prop could be just what you need.


You Do You

Most importantly, your sex needs to suit you. We all have our fantasies, and sex is one place where we can safely explore them with the people we trust.

Understandably, your kink may be different from your partner’s. Compromise; if you want to try something new in the bedroom, ask your partner if there’s anything that interests them that they’d like to try too. You might just find a whole new fantasy to fall in love with.

We all know the only way to get better at something is to practise - so get to it!

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s final top tips to Upgrade Your Sex Life.


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Originally published on Aug 13, 2017. Updated on Aug 5, 2020