Valentine's Day DIY: How to Turn Flirty Knickers Into Roses

by Nadia

on Dec 1, 2021

How to turn Flirty Knickers into rosesWe all know that small romantic gestures help keep a relationship exciting and fresh. Spontaneous gifts are the number one choice for couples who want to surprise one another. Your favourite box of chocolates, a book by your favourite author, a bouquet of flowers - all these are classic ideas.

Fresh roses and sexy lingerie are also top of the romantic lover’s list so we thought: Why not do something different and combine the two?

And we mean it! Today we’ll show you how you can create a clever little gift for your partner that they won’t be expecting at all: a red rose made from a pair of sexy knickers.

Pretty, lacy lingerie such as our Flirty Boyshorts are perfect for this little DIY project. If red isn’t your thing, you can always choose something else from our range of sexy colours. You can even create an entire bouquet if you’re especially keen.

So how does it work? Well, we’ll show you.

DIY Valentine's lace knickers


To make one rose you will need:

How to make roses out of lacy knickers

Step 1

Spread the knickers out on a table. Fold the gusset up towards the waistband so it is out of the way. Then fold the knickers in half horizontally.

Fold it again, but sideways this time so your knickers are now half their normal width.

Start rolling up the knickers from one end. It looks best if you do this at a slight angle to create lacy layers that resemble rose petals.

Hold on to the lower end of the rose you have now created so it doesn’t open again. If needed, you can secure the end with a rubber band (alternatively, you can use a needle and thread to sew the bottom of the rose together, but be careful when undoing the stitches later on so you don’t damage the knickers).

Valentine's Day gift DIY

Step 2

Slide the blunt end of the bamboo skewer into the bottom of the rose - this will be the stem. (The pointy end would poke through the material too easily.) If you don’t want a pointy end at all, just cut it off before use.

Lingerie rose

Step 3

Take the florist tape and stretch it carefully as you unroll it. This activates the glue that helps the tape stick.

Start by winding the tape around the lower third of the rose. Make your way down the skewer till you have covered about 2 inches of it. Now check if the rose stays in place if you lift it by the stem.

If it doesn’t, you may have to push the skewer in deeper, start using the tape higher up on the rose or wind the tape tighter around it.

A rose made out of sexy knickers

Step 4

Take one of the fabric leaves and shorten the stem if necessary. It has to be at least 1 ½ inches long so you can attach the leaf.

Keep winding the tape around the skewer and make sure it also covers the stem of the leaf to join it to the rose stem. Keep going around the skewer until all of it is covered.

Well done! You’ve made it.

DIY Roses from lacy knickers

Surprise her

Present your lover with your handmade lingerie rose in person or put it in a small vase for her to find after a long day in the office. Alternatively, get your hands on a long, flat box with tissue paper and place the rose in it. Who could resist such a clever gift?

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Written by Nadia. Lovehoney Editorial Team
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Originally published on Dec 1, 2021. Updated on Aug 5, 2020