What Does It Mean to Be Sexually Empowered?

by Lovehoney

on Oct 16, 2019

Sexual Empowerment

Sexual empowerment is the hot topic of the moment - and we couldn't be more thrilled. Finally, people are openly discussing the importance of owning and embracing their sexuality.

While recent studies show good sex is key to a good life, the discussion is helping people to create the sex life they want.

But, what does it really mean to be sexually empowered? In this blog we've broken it down.

Knowing you deserve sexual pleasure

Truly sexually empowered people know that a fulfilling sex life is important for mental and emotional wellbeing. After all, everybody deserves sexual pleasure.

Sexually empowered people live in alignment with their desires. This means investing time in yourself to discover what you really want and what feels best, then communicating this to your partner.

But, let's be clear, you don't have to have a high libido to be sexually empowered. Being able to recognise when and if you want to have sex is integral part of feeling empowered in the bedroom.

Prioritising your orgasm

There's been a recent rise in people discussing the 'Orgasm Gap' and how to combat orgasm inequality. The term refers to the unequal distribution of orgasms between men and women. And it's the worst among straight couples - on average hetero women only climax 70% of the time.

Sexual empowerment is about placing equal emphasis on your own pleasure as well as your partner's. While a truly empowered person loves to get their partner off, they know that their sexual pleasure is just as important. Your orgasms aren't mutually exclusive, so if you want one, make sure you get one.

Exploring new experiences

A sexually empowered person is open to new sexual experiences, but only if they are comfortable with them.

Shame is the antithesis of sexual empowerment. By challenging certain stigmas, turning things that were once a source of shame into pride, and fully embracing what you desire, you can start owning your sexuality.

However, while it feels empowering to reject certain societal taboos through sexual fantasy, there's nothing empowering about being coerced into something you don't like.

The best way to bring new experiences into your sex life is to talk about them openly with your partner or partners. Then, when everyone's on the same page, you're free to let loose and enjoy.

Insisting on sexual safety

Sexually empowered people understand the importance of safe sex. Carrying condoms, having regular sexual health check ups and saying no to partners who don't respect your safety, mean you can concentrate on getting your groove on without worry.

Everyone should be carrying condoms or a barrier contraceptive method, no matter your gender. A critical part of sexual empowerment is taking ownership of your safety, remember with great sexual power comes great sexual responsibility.

Choosing positive sexual relationships

Sexually empowered people do not choose sexual relationships that make them feel small or unworthy. The key to sexual empowerment is finding people worthy of your affection.

This is not limited to long term relationships. No matter how casual the sex is, if the sex isn't leaving you feeling happy, fulfilled, or desired, then it's not the sex you should be having as a sexually empowered person.

A positive sexual relationship is one built on respect, authenticity and autonomy. While we often think of sexual liberation as being sexually available, when it comes to feeling empowered it's more about celebrating the choice to bone when and who you want.

Whether you're sleeping with one person or 100, everyone should be stoked to be there.

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