What Sex Toy Should I Buy My Boyfriend / Husband?

by Lovehoney

on Jan 29, 2020


Buying a sex toy for the man in your life can be tricky, especially if they've never used one before.

Do you go for a simple stroker, a prostate toy or something you can enjoy together, like a vibrating cock ring?

To help you get it right, we've created this simple guide to take the headache out of choosing which sex toy to buy your boyfriend or husband.

Best non-realistic toys for his cock 

If he loves handjobs and blowjobs, there are loads of non-anatomical, non-intimidating toys to upgrade his manual handling sessions, and mimic the slippery sensations of oral sex.

Vibrators aren't just for her - there are penis vibrators of all shapes, sizes and styles available.

All these toys can be used to add a helping hand to your foreplay, too!

  1. Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

    Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

    A long, open-ended sleeve with supple fronds lining one side and lifelike ridges on the other. Which side will he prefer?

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "He prefers the spiky side as the sensation is a lot more intense. I loved the fact it was clear, so I could see it all happening."

  2. BlowYo Extreme Wave Textured Blowjob Stroker

    BlowYo Extreme Wave Textured Blowjob Stroker

    Designed with two solid rings at either end of a super-stretchy sleeve, this textured stroker offers the intense sensations of oral sex, especially when you add a liberal helping of water-based lube.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "The closest to a blow job I've ever felt from a toy."

  3. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator

    Desire Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator

    Boasting 3 powerful motors, 8 patterns and 12 levels of vibration, this soft silicone vibrator envelops his penis, giving his glans and shaft an intimate massage.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "Fulfilling is an understatement I've never had an orgasm like it!"

Best realistic toys for his cock

Created to look and feel just like vaginas, bums and mouths, these toys are similar to strokers and made from ultra-realistic material - perfect if he craves realism or fantasises about a favourite pornstar.

When combined with water-based lube they provide amazingly lifelike sensations, so make sure you give him a bottle of the slippery stuff, too.

You can also use these toys together, especially if you want to play with the idea of adding someone else to the fun.

  1. THRUST Pro Mini Mona Realistic Pocket Pussy

    THRUST Pro Mini Mona Realistic Pocket Pussy

    Blessed with beautiful lips and a long and satisfying sleeve, the realistic internal textures twin with a sculpted entrance for a stroker that looks and feels as good as the real thing.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "My OH has a lot of fun using it on me, and the first time she did she was surprised how quickly it made me come!"

  2. THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina

    THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina

    Nestled within a discreet casing is Zoey's specially designed canal, adorned with ribs, nubs and bumpy textures, ready to thrill him with every stroke.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "He said that she performed beyond his expectations. Her inner nobbles glided over his head giving him a sensation he has never felt before."

  3. Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt

    Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Girls Butt

    Moulded from her very own butt, and made from super soft, SuperSkin material, the Riley Reid stroker delivers 9 internal inches of wildly textured walls, ridges and nubs.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "What really, really excited me was how exact the moulding was of Riley, as I love to watch her."

Best for his balls

No wonder so many men like having them played with - the balls have a layer of muscle over them that extends up towards the stomach, and stimulating them can create incredible, all-over-body sensations.

If he likes his balls to be cupped, licked, stroked and gently tugged as part of masturbation, foreplay and sex, there are lots of toys to tickle his fancy (and his balls).

  1. Lovehoney Rabbit Rocker 10 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

    Lovehoney Rabbit Rocker 10 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

    Encircling the shaft and balls for pleasurable constriction, this vibrating ring also boasts quivering ears to tease and tickle the clit.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "Comfortable to wear, giving me good vibrations and the twin rings helped to keep me hard."

  2. Adjustable Weighted Silicone Ball Stretcher

    Adjustable Weighted Silicone Ball Stretcher

    Combining the adjustability of a ball ring with the swinging weight of a ball stretcher - if he likes gentle ball tugging during foreplay and sex, this beginner's ball stretcher is ideal.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "He really enjoyed the gentle pulling sensation and the way the weights caused his balls to swing as he moved."

  3. Bad Kitty Adjustable Cock Ring with Ball Bag

    Perfect Fit Bull Bag Buzz 3 Speed Vibrating Ball Bag

    While the opening grips around the top of his testicles, the bag provides all-over contact and spreads mindblowing vibrations across his balls.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "The option to add a bullet vibe is a great feature and certainly put a smile on my mister's face."

Best for his bum

If he likes anal stimulation, then he'll probably appreciate a butt plug he can use hands-free when he's masturbating, or that you can use during foreplay or sex.

The male equivalent of the G-spot, the prostate, is located inside the anus and attention to this area can result in longer-lasting and more powerful orgasms, and there are plenty of probe-style toys to help him get there.

  1. Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

    Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

    Smooth, flexible and easy to insert, this beginner-friendly butt plug is ergonomically designed to fit his curves for a truly orgasmic intimate massage.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "While thrusting in and out you can really feel it working your prostate which feels amazing... with each clench and each thrust you get a cheeky rub in the right direction which makes my ejaculation enormous."

  2. BASICS Vibrating Butt Plug

    BASICS Vibrating Butt Plug

    A small-but-mighty toy for non-intimidating anal fun, this is an ideal plug for those who want to take their first tentative steps up to the back door.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "Bought this for my BF, he's never used anything like this before and was a little wary at first but I can say he was pleasantly surprised! Great for beginners!"

  3. Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator

    Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator

    Ergonomically designed to slip into the contours of his body, the curved and bulbed shaft is perfectly angled to target the prostate gland with vibrations for those infamous P-spot orgasms.

    Lovehoney customers say:

    "The shape is perfect for hitting just the right spot. Intensity of the vibrations is incredible and gave me the most intense orgasm to date."

Why not add one of these customer faves to make your gift really special?

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