This Week on YouTube: The NEW Lovehoney x Womanizer

by Jess

on Aug 9, 2019

You've heard of Womanizer. You've heard of Lovehoney (obvs). But have you heard about the brand NEW Womanizer x Lovehoney sex toy?!

A collaboration between the tippety-toppest pleasure wizards in the sex toy industry (if we do say so ourselves) we bring you this totally exclusive rose gold clitoral suction toy.

Watch this weeks sex vlog with Annabelle to learn all about what makes our Pro40 SO great, and read on to find out what our reviewers thought.

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Meet the Cast...


Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro40

An exclusive collaboration between the pleasure experts at Lovehoney and Womanizer, the Pro40 combines deliciously gentle suction with pulsations to lavish your sensitive clitoral nerve endings with a featherlight contactless caress.

Using Womanizer's revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology, this sleek, ergonomic stimulator encircles your clitoris with a silicone head, offering 6 intensity levels to gradually build sensation.

From a soft flutter to an intense pulse, use the simple interface to send yourself spiralling towards ecstasy with wave upon blissful wave.

But don't just take our word for it...

"It has great air pulse technology which feels amazing, unlike traditional vibrators that can leave you feeling numb.

The air pulse is intense and can be used hand-free with the exception of changing the intensity, and it makes for the most delicious orgasms.

If I had to only use one toy for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this one: nothing comes close! It’s highly addictive and I now use it daily." - Customer Review

Average Review: 10/ 109

About the Experts...

Annabelle Knight is one of the UK's most recognisable sex, relationship and dating experts, a bestselling author, sex toy expert and celebrity relationship coach.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Aug 9, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020